Bonanza Slot Saga: Which one is the best? 


Bonanza slots at are something that every player should be familiar with. It wasn’t that long ago that it seemed as though every slot player on the planet was enjoying a game of Bonanza! The history of Bonanza slots is an interesting one.

What are Bonanza slots?

The original Bonanza release is famous for many things. The main thing that this slot is known for is bringing the Megaways game engine to the forefront of slot gaming. Although Bonanza wasn’t the first Megaways slot game, it was the first which put the game engine on the map.

Players were transfixed by the chance to have over 1,000 paylines and the unique game design which really helped the slot to stand out.

There was a time when it seemed like everyone enjoying online slots was playing Bonanza, that’s how popular this slot became. Since its initial release, there have been a whole host of Bonanza titles released. Some of these have managed to improve on the original in a few ways.

Why Play Bonanza Slots?

Bonanza Slot Saga

Bonanza slots are beloved amongst online slot players and for good reason. There are a number of reasons why people should play Bonanza slot games.

  1. A unique twist on a slot game, thanks to the game mechanic that bonanza uses, players can enjoy a fresh take on the slot game.
  2. There are 117,649 different ways for players to win, with a generous RTP of 96.07% which ensures that the players will get good value.
  3. Megaways game engine isn’t the only draw to this slot, there are a number of game features for players to enjoy. These include wild symbols, scatters and an unlimited win multiplier!

Best Bonanza Slots

There has been a steady flow of exciting bonanza slot releases for many years now. A lot of them have come to be well regarded by players.

  •       Aztec Bonanza was developed by Pragmatic Play, it features a wonderful theme of ancient ruins, hidden treasures and long lost civilisations that players are sure to enjoy. Alongside the design and haunting sound effects is some excellent gameplay which provides fast paced action that will keep players entertained.
  •       Bonanza Megaways is without question the slot that you should play if you have never enjoyed a Bonanza slot before. It can be difficult to appreciate just how influential this slot was if you are playing it now, there was a time where it seemed as if every online slot player was enjoying a game of Bonanza Megaways. It brought the much loved game engine to the forefront of the slot gaming world and it hasn’t ever really left.
Final Thoughts 

Few slots can claim to have been as popular and influential as the original Bonanza slot! Not only did many slots follow its lead but it arguably changed the industry forever. There are constant Bonanza slot releases which all aim to bring something new to the table thanks to their unique design and special features.

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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