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In this modern era, technology has made our life easier and more peaceful. Technology and the latest software are very beneficial for every type of today’s business. Sometimes, we lose our important data and files mistakenly. There are several ways for data recovery in windows for every file that you deleted and missing.

However, you will get lost if your computer stole, broken, or infected by a virus. Therefore, everyone must know some important tips for safeguarding the data. There is a number of ways to recover deleted data in windows; let’s explore.

Scope and Limitations of Data Recovery

It is not an easy way to recover data from new hardware introduced in the market, and it is not possible in a solid-state drive. The deleted data in such drives are permanently erased where Tram has been disabled, which will also apply to eternal SSDs. In these conditions, data recovery will be impossible;

  • Data has been overwritten
  • Data is in a bad sector of the drive.
  • Data is corrupt

How to prevent loss of data?

Prevention is always better than cure and backing up data permanently. Creating a backup in an external USB drive and updating it that is a great practice. Another option is the backup in a cloud that can be used in windows one drive, iCloud or third-party services such as Dropbox. The advantage of Cloud backup is the flexibility to access data anytime on your device.

The security of data becomes the responsibility of the cloud vendor. These services are usually paid and compare the prices and features before opting for a plan.  Most of the time, data loss occurs because of virus attacks. Therefore, you must use good anti-virus software the virus and help you preserve your valuable data. Let’s see some methods for data recovery.

Methods to Recover Data in Windows

Fix the Hard Drive from another Machine

If your window is not loading, just take out your hard drive from that machine and fix another one. It must appear as another drive in windows explorer. It will allow you to view the documents on the drive. So you can select the data from her that you need.

➧Use a USB/CD

The second option for getting access to the data is to bypass windows on the problematic machine. By using a CD/USB drive, you can save your data to the network or an external USB drive. That is a convenient way with a wide range of capabilities. With this method, you can save data quickly and easily.

➧Use an Editor

An editor can give you access to the data that is useful when you work with a hard drive. If you know the structure of the file then you can recover it easily by using the SOF start of file marker, header, and EOF marker and saving it into the correct file format. However, this method will not work if the hard drive is encrypted.

➧Write a script to recover the files

As we said above, you can write your script to scan through a raw drive image and carve out data. The basic procedure of such a script would be as follow.

  • Look for SOF, EOE marker
  • Save files between SOF and EOF markers to a file
  • Give appropriate file type extension

➧Use a Data Recovery Tool

In the end, another easy and best way to recover data from a windows operating system is a data recovery tool. Variety of data recovery tools available that allow you to recover missing data from multiple systems within minutes. Among so many, one of the best one is Stellar data recovery software.

This free data recovery software recovers deleted files, videos, photos, and other important documents. Moreover, retrieve the data from windows, hard drives, and external storage mediums. This software is compatible with windows 7,8,10, and 11.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you lose your informational data in your storage device, we have discussed various scenarios to recover the data that has been damaged because of accidental issues and virus attacks. However, you must do a regular backup of your data so that you could avoid severe consequences. We have also told you an efficient solution like Stellar data recovery software. It is an advanced tool that recovers up to 1 GB of data in free version and also gives more prominent features with the paid version

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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