Best Tips on How to Study While Working

Many students either need to or choose to be working during their college studies. Needless to say, it can greatly benefit their future in various ways such as providing them with greater exposure, enhancing their skills, allowing them the opportunity to make new contacts as well as improving their financial situation.

However, balancing work and studies is not always a cakewalk and students must carefully divide their time between work and academic schedule.

Nowadays, many individuals who are already doing full time jobs enroll in part-time courses in order to accelerate their career growth or change fields and increase their income.

Especially with the success of online education in India, schools and colleges have adopted various software for school management and teaching such as eLearning portals, institute ERP and likewise, which has made online courses popular among the masses. With online courses, students can gain access to quality courses from their homes or even workplace.

Moreover, online courses generally also allow the students to learn at their own pace which is exactly what a working individual is looking for. However, even with the facility to opt for online courses, juggling work and studies is no mean feat.

Here are a few helpful for students who find it challenging to be a working student, which will help them in reducing their stress and juggling work and academia with relative ease. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Proper Planning-

Cramming for an important test one night before when you also need to submit a high priority report at your work the following day is the last situation you want to experience as a working student. Both your work and your academics require full concentration and effort if you want to be successful.

Thankfully, with a properly thought out plan and prioritizing the important stuff, you can make sure that you can manage your work and studies at the same time.

Planning ahead helps you in avoiding deadlines from creeping up and throwing you off balance. You can write down your daily, weekly and monthly targets and make a to-do list! This will help you in keeping a track of your assignments and ensure that your academics don’t suffer due to your work.

Be Realistic-

Quite often when working on multiple things, we make the mistake of committing to more tasks than we can handle. If you find yourself in such a situation quite often, don’t panic. Instead try changing a few things like realistically estimating how much work you can actually cope with.

Thereafter, prioritize your to-do list and decide what you need to complete first. Of course, studies should be a top priority for you as it will help you in future the most. Your job is just a source of financial security and gaining work-experience. Therefore, don’t stress yourself unnecessarily and be realistic in order to sustain your work-study routine.

Time Management-

You’ll have to become a time management ninja if you hope to juggle work and studies successfully. When you are studying, make sure that you derive the utmost productivity from your time spent learning.

Try studying with concentration for short bursts of time and then taking some rest instead of staring blankly at the screen for a couple of hours at a stretch. Turn off your cell phone notifications and social media to avoid distraction.

By getting rid of all the distractions and avoiding procrastination, you can get a lot of work done in a minimum amount of time, leaving you with ample time to relax your body and mind.

Use Technology To Your Advantage-

Technological tools can be a great addition to your study time. From taking and storing all your important study notes on the cloud so that they are accessible from anywhere to listening to audio lectures while commuting to and from work, using technological tools can make you ten times more productive.

Therefore, it will behoove you to look for ways in which you can incorporate technology and digital learning tools in your study routine in order to streamline your learning and achieve greater productivity.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Being a working student can be a bit tricky and challenging but with a strong will and by keeping a few things in mind you can ensure that you excel both on the academic as well as the work front.

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