Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!


Suppose you wish to play the game but need an internet connection. And you’re bored enough with your work. Moreover, you have no job, so offline games are for you to get rid of boredom. And you will use your internet data wisely.

However, you can play all of these games offline. Such offline games are good for getting some entertainment in your free time. For this reason, I have collected the best offline shooting games for android users.

Camp of wandering warriors

Plot and Rules

The camp of wandering warriors, hidden in the night’s darkness, is emptied after a recent battle. Few fearless fighters gave their lives for loyal allies. A part of the equipment has disappeared. There are some serious problems with supplies – if the travellers don’t start fighting immediately, presumably, within the week are going to be the last in the history of protracted travel. And therefore, the heroes of Eternium: Mage and Minions re-pack daggers and swords and add life-giving bottles, hoping to manoeuvre to the dungeon at dawn.

Combat System

The most ideal of Eternium: Mage and Minions for Android – to show magic and witchcraft in an entertaining puzzle where each spell must be delineated on the screen. You furthermore may get to move around the levels, collect items, and develop skills using points in various indicators. And don’t ditch the bosses and, therefore, the emerging trials.

Skills and Complexity

Downloading Eternium is suggested for all fans of role-playing adventures who wish to diversify the quality game set with significant interaction with spells. Who doesn’t want to send fireballs, meteorites, and lightning on the world, drawing circles and checkmarks on the screen? And every time the complexity of such skills increases – you’ll need to show all the skills!

SoulCraft-Action RPG

Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

Here you’ll immediately see an inspiring idea from the manufacturers who make the gameplay more diverse. Moreover, a choice of factions of angels, demons, and other people is added.

Also, within the game SoulCraft – Action RPG, there’s the chance to learn skills and purchase ammunition and various armor. The graphics component isn’t inferior to people we see in console games. Management has several types: with the assistance of swipes, joystick, or buttons.

Gameplay and Characters

People need to reveal the key to eternal life immediately. However, demons with angels decided to destroy individuals’ planets and concluded a treaty between their factions that might cause an apocalypse. You’ll choose which side you’ll pay for. You’ll be a supporter of demons, people, or angels. It’ll depend upon you who can win. However, all military operations will happen in real cities: Rome, Egypt, Hamburg, etc. Soon, developers promise to extend several towns.

You can fight with several tools like swords and use spells. You would like to gather equipment and various items to extend strength and skills at each level. You’ll download the sport SoulCraft – Action RPG for free of charge and fight within the legendary quests. By the way, the developers are promising to feature a multiplayer mode very soon. And you’ll have the chance to play together with your friends. And now you’ve got the power to play the sport offline. So, if there’s no Internet, it’s not a drag.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

It is a madly beautiful fantastic action, almost like an action movie in Hollywood. The Game Implosion Never Lose Hope for smartphones and tablets will allow you to plunge into the planet, where another battle threatens humankind’s destruction.


The plot isn’t new, but still significant. Moreover, our planet’s resources are on the verge of exhaustion. Abandoned cities are infected with terrible viruses. And the few surviving inhabitants are doomed. They need nothing to try to do but await imminent death. And it will happen against the background of the unique development of breakthrough technologies. In theory, it shouldn’t have allowed this in the least. Does humanity have an opportunity to survive and save the planet? Who is that hero who can prevent another Apocalypse? It’s possible that you simply can.

Skills and Equipment

Taking under your control the protagonist, you’ll move through several areas and crash enemies along the way. And it is causing large-scale destruction from which the enemy won’t recover. You’ll destroy monsters in some ways, which you’ll eventually master – coupled swords, pistols, rifles, and anything that involves the mind. Your fighting skills will develop right the run.

During this game, there’s continuing development of skills and combat and protective equipment. Earned points (money) are often spent on changing weapons, opening additional protection, or special skills. And then, for sure, you’ll become the foremost invincible fighter, throwing enemies to the proper and the left! Stunning, large-scale battles, magnificent graphics, fascinating plot won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Inotia 4

Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

If you played within the Inotia 3 game, then you’ll even be curious about playing the sport Inotia 4, where you’ll find an identical plot. The game features include a well-thought-out pumping system and exciting arcade gameplay. In a nonlinear story, you’ll fight with a whole army of evil forces that will surround you and attack from all sides.


You’ll immediately see a vast world within the game, so you’ll play for an extended time. Pump your group of allies to enhance their abilities. With the heroes pumped, you quickly undergo all the quests and complete the tasks. Remember to urge a replacement and a more powerful weapon. Battles within the Inotia 4 are held in real-time – you’ll need to build a technique carefully and settle on different sections within the correct order.


Download the appliance Inotia 4 and appreciate the advanced system of mercenaries, storyline, high-quality graphics, and improved support for the screen. It’s considered one of the most straightforward applications of this genre.

Broken Dawn II

Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!


June 29, 2015, the Earth within the alternative reality has undergone tons of changes: first, it’s mired in dense vegetation. Secondly, scientists discovered a strange Z virus (deadly or hazardous) in water and soil and a few patients in private areas. However, the attack that can turn people into zombies cannot stop.

Characters and Goals

Broken Dawn II may be a spectacular combination of adrenaline thrillers and role-playing adventures. Moreover, an unnamed fighter heroine is armed with pistols, bazooka, and acrobatic techniques. The girl moves around the destroying areas. And she collects all the valuable information and tools for saving human life. Therefore, her goal is to download Broken Dawn II to Android and, to choose the only aggressive path, rehearse the Earth’s rotting gardens.

Actions and Rewards

The screen is roofed with dazzling explosions and flowing puddles of blood, limbs fly everywhere, the house burns, or the roof collapse in real-time. Watching such a thriller is excellent, and victories inspire no worse than a superhero comic. But will the action save people?


Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

Locations and Plot

Mourngard’s abandoned possessions are in deplorable statehouses burning with righteous fire. It is wounded and killed everywhere. In contrast, the pungent smell of hardened steel and blood is in the air. It’s even painful to differentiate the silhouettes within the military mess of the fighting world. The protagonist of the action movie Dawnbringer for Android needs to participate in the battle – first with the descendants of hell and then with his brother. The latter is leading this army of darkness forward.

Combat System

Dawnbringer is an exciting thriller with a significant plot and a stimulating system for holding fights between the characters: you’ll need to fight within the “one on one” mode. The biggest goal – is to apply fundamental skills properly.

Control and Development

The game has complete touch control – no virtual joysticks on the screen, no quick access buttons liable for witchcraft or spell casting. You’ll control everything together with your finger. Everything is far more interesting with the weather of development – the hero can change costumes and be equipped with additional skills. Click to download Dawnbringer on Android and begin the adventure!

Critical Ops

Can you not wait to undertake your hand at a sensible shooter? Then you ought to download Critical Ops on your gadget. It is often an exciting replacement game of the genre FPS. It’ll help to enhance not only tactical but also intellectual skills. In it, you’ll finally understand who you’re. The game’s superhero can deal alone with an indestructible terrorist group. Otherwise, you are closer to the dark side – the indefatigable sower of discord and chaos.


Show each and everything you can compete in battles against the entire world. Or be the primary among friends in multiplayer matches. The arsenal of weapons is enormous – various brands of pistols, sniper and assault rifles, and far more. Moreover, each arm has particular features and helps in several situations – it’s impossible to seek a powerful weapon: you’ll need to select a replacement one for every map.

The Game is Entirely Free—No Paid Content

One thing you’ll buy for real money is the skins for the fantastic weapons and tools. But your purchase cannot affect the characteristics of the fight. Critical ops is an active online action game attracting attention with protracted battles, the right choice of weapons, and a system of dropouts through acquiring keys for chests.


Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

In the game Xenowerk, you’ll face a scientific experiment that has turned life on Earth into hell. It’s you – humanity’s last hope because only you’re ready to destroy the terrible mutants.

Gameplay and Goals

Game Xenowerk may be a shooter with high-quality graphics. The action occurs within the laboratory’s dungeons, where an unsuccessful experiment is done. You’re immersed in the dungeons’ darkness, armed with a flashlight to seek out what’s hidden within the dark labyrinths. The game’s biggest goal is to destroy the mutants themselves and their nests so that the virus doesn’t spread. Overall, the Xenowerk has 70 levels with increasing complexity, and at the bottom of the dungeon, the first horrible and dangerous creatures hide.

During this game, you would like to gradually accumulate experience and points to improve weapons and equipment. Only during this way will you undergo all levels and save the world’s inhabitants from monsters. Special super-abilities will assist you. You’ll activate these abilities at any time to defeat your rival.

However, with this shooter, you will see what’s happening from the highest down if looking into the dungeon. Despite the superb graphics, the sport is straightforward: press only two buttons to maneuver the character and destroy the monsters. In the game Xenowerk, you’ll face the results of a scientific experiment that has turned life on Earth into hell. It’s you – humanity’s last hope because only you’re ready to destroy the terrible mutants.

Space Grunts

Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

History and Places

Space Grunts is a live-action game with a top view performed within the colorful stylistics of new space and distant: game events displayed on a human-made mandate captured by unknown organisms. Information about the loss of control over the satellite came in an emergency with the assistance of the signal “SOS” is the enemy so severe and dangerous? Players who plan to download Space Grunts on their Android devices should understand the details below!

Combat System

Save hostages, understand aliens’ technology in a step-by-step mode, and defeat enemies – most characters move on invisible cages and shoot from blasters and pistols. It picks up items and becomes more reliable with new skills. While most characters don’t move, all the aliens around are static, too – use such a tactical pause permanently, weigh every step during an awkward situation, and achieve victory!

Heroes and Weapons

A mercenary sent to a human-made satellite becomes less vigorous or develops consistent with the RPG genre’s principles. All the characteristics and skills remain equivalent, but it’s a pity!

However, enemies get stronger after each level of the race! But materials at hand and weapons constantly change. You’ll, for instance, get access to grenade launchers and machine guns and destroy everything around in seconds! Generally, development, and therefore the Space Grunts action game for Android, will provide many emotions!


Best Offline Games to Play for Android Users!

It is an exquisite shooter with amazing graphics and detailing. You’ll find an unforgettable post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and enemies in UNKILLED.

The tension won’t leave you throughout the sport because zombies don’t slumber! Don’t walk dead sleep in the least, but only search for those in search of flesh. Moreover, they feel they fighters against evil spirits during the fighting, save the surviving people, and clean the ghouls’ streets.


Have you ever started the game? Now you’re Joe, one among the detachment members whose forces are thrown to fight the zombies. Your goal is to seek out, kill, and hunt. Therefore, to save lots of the surviving, kill as many infected people as possible. Attempt to bring back to Earth those peaceful times when the threat of extinction didn’t hang over humankind. You’ll definitely like unskilled if you like:

Diversity – there are about 300 different missions within the game, each of which may be a whole story.

The truth of what’s happening – graphics, music, and battles with people in online mode contributes to finishing immersion into the planet of chaos. Otherwise, you can play in offline mode if there’s no connection to the internet.

Uniqueness – However, each character in the game has distinctive features and is meant specifically for this game, a similar situation with bosses.

You are the one who can save people from fear! Run the game and check out to kill as many zombies as possible.

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