Best Games On The Next Generation Consoles

With the next generation consoles finally being released to the market a couple weeks ago, gamers are finally able to get their hands on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 after a long eagerly awaited year and one that gamers have waited seven years for this moment. Due to this added spotlight on the industry, it has given the opportunity for the gaming world to showcase their best games on offer and so we have created a list of the best games on the next generation market.

The first game that we have been enjoying greatly since its released on the new consoles is the latest episode of Assassin’s Creed which is dubbed as Valhalla. This game sees you play as a Viking for the first time and which you will attempt to succeed to capturing Scandinavian territories and then push further into Europe and specifically Britain. This is a whole new twist on the Assassin’s Creed type of game but a well welcomed twist as we like the new aspect that this game has brought to the new consoles.

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Furthermore, although already released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 so gamers have already had a feel for this game, it certainly feels a whole lot better on the next generation consoles – Call of Duty Cold War. This episode of CoD is based in the Russian and American conflict and delves deep into this history of this battle and sees President Ronald Reagan become the first real life character on a CoD game. Also, this game brings the long-awaited return of Zombies which has seen significant improvements this year, alongside Multiplayer and the highly successful Warzone.

And finally, the last game that we are looking forward to on the new consoles isn’t actually due to be released until Spring 2021 is the return of Far Cry 6. FC has always been one of the best RPG games on the market and we believe the developers will be pulling out all of the stops to ensure that this will be the best one yet. Playing as a villager, your task will be to ensure that you can take back your land away from the dictatorship that it currently finds itself in and create a movement within the region.

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