Best extension for Magento Developers

What is Magento and what is it used for?

Magento is arguably the most popular online store manager in the world with Prestashop. In any case, in my opinion it is much safer, more reliable and customizable both in design and in terms of internal SEO optimization. With Magento, you have some interesting options like:

Customize the design of your entire store to the maximum using templates and plugins. Prestashop is split into less customizable modules (unless you set up a clear internal code). When I see Prestashop I usually recognize it, I don’t know … with Magento it’s more difficult.

You can manage multiple online stores from one panel (multiplatform). This can be very useful if you have different online stores and do not want to access one, see income, expenses … access another for the same, another … you can see everything in the panel.

Magento Extensions restore a role in improving the performance of your Magento websites. Magento developers around the world don’t come up with countless useful extensions every day. Some of them are popular thanks to well-timed promotions. While it’s important to create buzz in the market for your product, it’s also important to promote the expansion through the appropriate channel.

Undoubtedly MagentoConnect is the best marketplace that magento extension development services by Elogic site has featured. However, due to some restrictions and limitations, Magento development companies prefer to create their own repositories to sell their extensions. It can be difficult for entrepreneurs or independent Magento developers to find the best MagentoConnect alternatives. So, here we have selected some of the top marketplaces that are best used to promote Magento extensions.


Binpress is an amazing viable alternative to Connect for obvious reasons. It features high quality usability extensions for evaluating quality and usability. BinPress only lists genuine products after authenticating developer information. Products are tested for quality through a strict pass-through and rejection schedule. They also include a publisher profile and a product that helps create a good publisher impression in the community.


This is another leading online Magento extension store with over 250 high quality extensions. Extensions come with detailed information about the product and its usefulness. This exclusive e-commerce store fits all business needs. This is a great place for Magento developers to promote their extensions. Softprodigy also provides extended customer support at no additional cost, which attracts more customers to do this, thus increasing the popularity of the listed products.


Xtendify is a popular marketplace for buying or selling Magento extensions or plugins. Along with Magento extensions, Xtendify online store also has several other eCommerce themes and plugins. It contains all the additional Magento support extensions as well as some free plugins and templates for its clients. This new website is gaining traction and dedicated Magento developer have a good chance of taking advantage of this opportunity by listing their products here and acknowledging their presence in the Magento community.

Customize the names of CMS, products and categories

Page titles carry a lot of weight in terms of search engines. Make sure they are relevant, no more than 70 characters, and put your most important keywords at the beginning of the title. Here’s how you can change the page titles:

  • CMS Pages: For CMS pages, your “page title” is the meta title.
  • Products: Go to Catalog> Product Management. Select the product you want to edit, click “Meta Information” on the left and edit the “Meta Title” field.
  • Categories: Go to Catalog> Categories. Click on the category you want to edit and edit the Page Title field.
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