Best CS:GO Maps for Aim Training


Training in CS:GO, like in other competitive games, plays a crucial role. Any shooter including Counter-Strike requires a range of skills to complete various missions and progress well. One of the ways to practice is aim training through different maps.

This way any player can get familiar with new locations and discover different hacks to improve strategic skills as well. There are many maps on the CS:GO available in the Steam Workshop section where the brave warrior can find a happy blend of level-up opportunities. The player is able to hone not only shooting skills on the move and on the spot but also practice throwing grenades.

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What Are the Best-Matching Maps for Aim Training?

Every willing player can try various hacks to improve shooting skills. First, it is possible to level-up sharpshooting via skins and other goodies. For example, an unlocked Danger Zone case can present great weapons like MP9, NOVA, P250, etc. Additionally, explore the best-matching maps for your aim training.

Map 1: Aim Botz

Aim Botz is arguably the most famous training map in CS:GO, not only at the moment but in general for all time. Pro players often warm up on it before matches. Thanks to cyber sportsmen, Aim Botz gained popularity.

The map is easy to use. It provides the perfect environment to practice your skills. The optimal atmosphere is usually used to practice spray (recoil control) and shooting accuracy. You can change the speed and position of the bots, and turn obstacles on and off.

Map 2: Yprac Bot Arena

This map has a lot of chips and it is intended purely for practicing aim. To do this, there are 6 modes, including the ability to beat your high scores, as well as the function of playing with friends for the best competitive element. You can shoot both at bots and targets, all at will. The architecture of the map is round and pleasant. Everything is in its place, so it is quite possible to practice tactics here.

Map 3: Recoil Master (Clamp Training)

The map has a lot of functions:

  • 12 different shooting distances;
  • auto spray;
  • a wall with all available weapons;
  • slowing downtime;
  • disabling movement;
  • a bunch of hotkeys for additional setup.

This map is going to dispel those preconceptions by allowing you to train your clamp for any distance. It can be useful both against several enemies and in a situation where it is not possible to shoot at the rival single to kill him.

The main advantage of this map for training in CS:GO is the presence of visual hints for the dispersion of various weapons which will also help in training. Try this training together with other ones to achieve a faster result.

Map 4: Fast Aim/Reflex (Reaction Training)

This simple map turned out to be popular at one time for one reason – ScreaM trained on it. He also drew attention to her. The map is made as simple as possible, round shape, and has several shooting modes: at targets and bots. In the first case, it is good for starting the warm-up. And then you can connect the bots and try to survive as long as possible by shooting them in the head.

Map 5: Training_Aim_CSGO2

Good CS:GO training maps are a rarity. Sometimes it is difficult to select the best-matching location for training and leveling up your skills. And on this map, you can train all the necessary skills. Additionally, speed modes are available – they will strengthen all the tricks in mechanical memory.

Map 6: AWP Double Doors

Everyone knows how difficult it is to target the enemy when he tries to sneak between the doors on the mid lane of the same de_dust 2. In connection with this, this map was created. The author suggests training not only with the AWP, but also with the AK-47, and the M4A1-S has also been added. To launch the map, you will need to go for the terrorist team every time.

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