Who is Bert Kreischer; Wife, Daughter and More!


Ila and Georgia Kreischer are two beautiful daughters of celebrity comedian Bert Kreischer. Bert stands as one of the most loved stand-up comedians on social media, with 1.5 million followers.

Bert Kreischer

Besides, he is a host of a reality tv show and an actor. His wife name is LeeAnn Kreischer. She is also s podcast host and lives in Los Angeles. here is some details of her daughter Ila Kreischer.

Apart from successful comedian and actor, Bert is leading a prosperous life along with his wife and daughters. The couple is enjoying 17-year blissful marriage. His fans are already acquainted with his daughters, as he often shares about them.

Georgia is the eldest daughter and was born in 2004, and now she is 16 years old. She also made an appearance along with her mother in the podcast.

Bert Kreischer

The younger daughter of Bert was born in 2007. She is studying in a private school in California. She looks beautiful with her blonde hair. Here you can read some details about her.

Ila Kreischer real name Ila Kreischer
Ila Kreischer Birthday 2007
Ila Kreischer Age 12
Ila Kreischer gender Female
Ila Kreischer height 5’2”
Ila Kreischer Nationality United States
Ila Kreischer Ethnicity White
Ila Kreischer profession Celebrity Daughter
Ila Kreischer Husband/ Boyfriends Single
Ila Kreischer Net Worth N/A
Ila Kreischer Tiktok @lkreischer


Bert Kreischer

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