Barcelona introduces a tough salary cap


Xavi has big plans for the summer of 2022 – he wants Barça to be reinforced by as many as eight newcomers. It looks very nice on paper, but the reality is much stricter due to financial constraints – the Catalans are only marginally improving the club economy, there are still a lot of problems.

A club’s budget directly affects its results, so fans of making footwagers prediction, should keep an eye on this information. In this article we will look at this issue from all sides.

Who does Xavi want so much?

According to Catalunya Ràdio, the list includes AC Milan midfielder Frank Kessier, Chelsea defenders Andreas Christensen, César Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso, Bayern star Robert Lewandowski, Leeds winger Rafinha, Sevilla defender Jules Cunde and Bernardo Silva from Man City.

The economic situation inside Barcelona

The main areas of the economic improvement were outlined by Vice-President Eduardo Romeu: the club plans to cut salaries and sign another lucrative partnership contract.

“The wage fund this season is 560 million euros, 260 million more than Bayern and 160 more than Real Madrid. We will negotiate with players about individual salary cuts.

In addition, we have an offer of 270 million euros for Barça Licensing & Merchandising (the club is ready to sell its 49.9 percent subsidiary which monetizes the brand), but we want more. The club is working to increase revenues and reduce costs, we ask for patience. It takes 2 to 5 years to recover,” Romeu said.

In addition, Barcelona has options to get more 540 million euros: half of the amount – as an interest-free credit in the ratification of the transaction of La Liga with the investment fund CVC (the club was originally against, because under the terms of the fund then within 50 years, will withdraw 8.2% of profits from the sale of media rights), still so much – in agreement with Goldman Sachs, its details are unknown yet.

The club introduces a salary cap and gradation according to the importance of players. Lewandowski is ready to receive almost 3 times less

Salary cuts are potentially the most painful process, it will really affect many. They want to cut a total of 160 million euros – and at the cost of the most expensive contracts. According to As, president Joan Laporta either plans, or has already introduced a hard ceiling on salaries: a maximum of 10 million euros per year.

In order to fit in, players will be offered cuts. If necessary, up to half of their salaries. Several leaders do not exactly fit in: Gerard Pique, Samuel Umtiti, Sergi Busquets, Franky de Jong – who, most likely, will have to cut almost in half from his current salary of 19 million.

As writes that the newcomers and those who re-signed already under Laporte meet the cap – the problem with the agreements from the previous management.

Now Barça wants to structure the squad, divide everyone into three categories: leaders with salaries of 6-8 million euros, middle class with 4-5 million, the youngest 2-3 million. For reference the young Ansu Fati and Pedri are already considered middle class in this hierarchy. To fit the new ideology, Robert Lewandowski, for example, is ready to sign a three-year contract worth 9 million euros per year – will be the highest paid in Barcelona, but in comparison with 24 million euros per season at Bayern, it is almost three times lower.

There is already a first alarming signal: Diario Sport says that the 17-year-old Gavi is still considered to be in the lower tier, and he and his entourage believe that they deserve more. The source adds that the player’s agents know the sums negotiated with potential newcomers Kessie and Christensen, so they insist on an increase for the young talent as well.

Sales are also a way of improving things. For example, Man United are interested in De Jong: although the future of the Catalans may be linked with him, selling him for 80 million euros would help a lot to solve current acute problems, and it tempts the bosses. Admittedly, the Dutchman wants to play in the Champions League – and with Manchester United failing to do so next season, that could be an obstacle.

Barcelona’s offseason work is again turning into a big series: a year ago we followed the episode with Leo Messi, now there is a new many-sided action movie.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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