Are You Going Through a Life Insurance Dispute? Get an Attorney Immediately!

Life insurance is the service that we pay for but hope we will never need. It is a form of cushion for loved ones, where the policyholder pays a premium during their lifetime and when they die, their loved ones receive a sum of money.

If someone is claiming life insurance, they do it from a place of grief. They have lost a dear one in most cases the claim goes a long way into covering funeral and burial costs. If the deceased was the breadwinner, the payout gives the family some sustenance for a few months as they chart a way forward in supporting themselves.

While they offer these services, insurance companies are keen to pay out the least amount possible. With every case, they must scrutinize and ask questions to verify that the claim is legitimate. This can lead to a dispute with the claimant, especially if issues such as the cause of death are unclear.

These situations ideally call for a professional who is conversant with insurance laws and the procedures of fighting for claims.

A life insurance attorney can be your lifeline when it comes to such matters. They are knowledgeable and take on the case with facts rather than emotion. They may be your saving grace because of the following reasons:

1. They Know The Law

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You can get an attorney to come to your aid and represent you in court. However, if you want an effective claim dispute to go well, you need to specifically invest in a certified life insurance attorney. This will be the best decision you will have made for yourself and your case.

 An attorney knows and understands the law. They have taken time to study insurance law and have probably practiced enough in the field to be confident about taking on your case. They will have a look at the case and tell you under which laws and acts you are protected.

 Some of this information may not be accessible to you as a layperson. You may not understand the implications that the laws carry, causing you to make an ill-guided decision, but an attorney with the proper knowledge will guide you appropriately.

2. They Have the Right Resources for the Case

As a claimant, you may get frustrated trying to get information from a life insurance company because their aim is to avoid giving out money as much as possible. Most insurance attorneys already have a relationship with insurance companies, and it may be easier for them to get information about why the claim was denied or the issue at hand.

 Attorneys also have investigators who can do their own independent searches into the case to find out the true cause of an accident, especially if that is the point of contention in your case. These investigators will then act as expert witnesses in your case to help prove that you have a right to your claim.

3. They Understand the Legal Terms Involved

Often times when insurance companies offer to pay your claim, they will not be willing to pay the full amount and will offer a lump sum much less than your actual payout. If you do not know how to read these documents and contracts carefully, they will get the better of you and you will end up losing out.

 Having an attorney to back you up means that all documents coming from the company will be proofread for you and your attorney will be present to explain every detail that may be unclear to you.

 Your attorney will identify clauses hidden in the contracts and can ask for a reviewed contract if the initial one does not work in your favor. An attorney will prevent you from selling yourself short and losing out on money that could have helped you.

4. They Will Advise on the Best Course of Action

When you get into an insurance dispute, there are many ways to solve the case without heading to court. Often, we do not know these options exist, and we get into the stressful process of suing our insurance companies.

A life insurance attorney will initially present all the possible options to you. Upon consultation and hearing your case, they will know whether to take the courtroom route or advise on alternative solutions to the issue. These other options include:

●        Mediation

●        Arbitration

●        Appraisal

All these choices are out of court procedures and are solved with the help of a third party. They are often quicker and less stressful than court cases and may be the best option for your case.

 Your attorney should be familiar with all these options and will give you the best advice according to his understanding of your situation. An out-of-court settlement could save you a lot of money and emotional strain in the long run and give you a better experience with the insurance company.

5. They Will Fight for a Good Payout

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Your attorney will fight for your deserved rights from an insurance company, and they will work hard to ensure that you get what you rightfully deserve. While this is a very noble cause, your attorney will also have a selfish reason to do this for you: he has to get paid.

 In most insurance disputes, an attorney is paid a percentage of the claim received. While this amount is not fixed and you can negotiate with your attorney, that is where his fee will come from.

 If your agreement is on a percentage basis, they will put their best foot forward and follow up with the insurance provider to ensure you are given your due, or even more in an under-quoted case.

 This will not mean that your attorney is greedy but rather that they are willing to work their hardest to get you what you deserve and to receive a fee that reflects their efforts in your case.

 Get You An Attorney Who Knows Their Stuff

From pleading your case to defending your rights in a contract, an insurance attorney will have your best interest at heart. These practitioners see cases of injustice often, and they are determined to assist those who may not know where to start and may not understand the process.

So, if you face an insurance dispute, seek the services of a certified attorney with the right experience and expertise for the job.


Your attorney will carry the burden of the case to ensure you have a fair chance of getting your case heard without having to worry about the technicalities of court procedures and give you peace of mind during this trying period of your life.

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