Are there jackpot prizes in live casino games? 

Live casino games are a touch of a true classic in the online casino industry. If you get tired of slots, you can always have a breath of fresh air in one of the live casino rooms. You can choose from Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Sic Bo and many more. The professional dealers will make sure you feel welcomed and swiftly lead the game when you play jackpot casino.

Do not be mistaken – classic does not mean outdated. Casinos like to innovate in these games. One of the best features in live casino games is the jackpot prizes. All about them is revealed in this article.

What are the jackpot prizes?

The live casino jackpot prizes are similar to the slots’ progressive jackpots in a way that they build upon players’ bets being placed. A portion of every bet will go towards the jackpot. It keeps growing until it is won and then it starts growing from its’ base value again.

Where can you expect to see jackpot prizes?

Jackpots are very common with casino-style poker games, especially Casino Hold’em. In these games, you will often see a list/table of hands that award jackpot prizes. It would look something like this:

7 Card Straight Flush £3’500’000
6 Card Straight Flush £5000
5 Card Straight Flush £250
Four of a Kind £50
Full House £5
Flush £4
Straight £2


  • To be eligible for the prize (in the case of a winning hand landing), the player must place a special jackpot bet. This is normally a fixed amount that cannot be increased or decreased, for example £3. The jackpot bet option is available pre-flop, at the same time when the ante is placed.
  • Any jackpot prize, if won, will be shared by all the players that placed the jackpot bet. For example, if a 6 Card Straight Flush lands and there are 100 players who placed the jackpot bet, then these players will receive £50 each.
  • Normally, only the top prize will be in a form of a progressive jackpot. All the other winning hands will be fixed value and paid by the casino rather than accumulated from players’ bets.

Which live casino software developers use the jackpot system?

  • Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest names when it comes to live casino software. Their games have been top-rated and are available in most online casinos. If you try one of their games, you will quickly see why. The games have it all: superb video and streaming quality, great and simplistic sound design, user-friendly interfaces and professional dealers.

What is more, Evolution Gaming’s poker titles will often have a “Jumbo Jackpot” system that works just like the example given above.


That sums up everything you need to know about the jackpots in live casino games. Now you are ready to take part in the fun that comes with the live casino! Don’t forget to place your jackpot bet and maybe you’ll be one of the winners. As always, gamble responsibly and we wish you huge wins!

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