Apex Legends Season 13 Character Tier List


Apex Legends Season 13 has been released and making headlines with some big changes. A new legend Mad Maggie has made her debut along with an Olympus map update, and the new Control limited-time mode. But how does this new season going to stack up against the game’s existing legends, and which legends should you be picking to carry your squad to the victory? Let’s get started!

Apex Legends Season 13 Character Tier List

The Apex Legends Season 13 has a diverse roster of characters to choose from, making Apex Legends Season 13 tier list a no-brainer. Each character has its own unique set of abilities that work alongside weapons to impact the game’s outcome. Here is our tier list of the best legends in Apex Legends season 13.

Please keep in mind that the list is based on subjective opinion and your favorite legend being in a lower-tier should not affect how you play your game. If you enjoy one character more than the other, just play them! If you want to play on your favorite legend and still get a better experience, then fast apex legends boost can save you a lot of your time.

 S-tier-Best Apex Legends to Pick


Bloodhound has always been a top player in the Apex Legends with the highest win rate. He has an astounding set of abilities and doesn’t even need to be unlocked. His abilities to scan enemies, dodge bullets, and recharge quickly are simply too good to give up.


Gibraltar is one of the most picked characters in Apex Legends Season 13, due to its defensive and tactile abilities and a massive hitbox. He can easily block attacks with his Gun Shield and Dome of protection during the team fights and call-in concentrated mortar strikes on a marked position.


Despite being new, Ash has proven herself as a mighty contender. Her kit combines the best aspects of the multiple legends, and choosing her will boost your chances of winning the match. She can open a one-way portal, throw a spinning snare, and can help you track players’ deaths across the map.


Valkyrie is one of the most meta characters in the game right now. Her unmatched movements and ability to reach heights and reposition frequently give her an edge over other legends. However, her Missile Swarm is quite slow, while her VTOL Jets are a bit too loud to leave you vulnerable in the arena.


Adorable and talkative robot Pathfinder can be a wonderful asset to any team. His grappling hook and the ability to create a zipline for the team members are best to get out of any risky situation. In a game, where mobility matters the most, Pathfinder still performs quite well.

A-Tier- Best Apex Legends to Pick


After ruling the Apex Legends meta, Wraith turns out to be one of the top 5 most picked legends in season 13. Her stand-out features include her tactical ability to sense danger and reposition quickly, become temporarily vulnerable, and create portals to escape. All her abilities combined make it hard to kill off the best legends in the game.


Octane is the fastest character in the game that has always been popular among mobility-focused players. Though he is not as powerful as he used to be, his Stim tactile ability, launch pad, and passive health regeneration still lift him above most legends.


Bangalore has always been one of the most balanced characters in the game. Her smoke launcher and mobility are a great combo to escape sharp shooting enemies, but she is more suitable as a starting legend and once you have got the ropes is better to go with another character.


Known as a “Queen of Loot”, Loba is a great option for any team that wants to stay stocked up. After getting a recent tactical buff, she can now teleport to a wide range of areas. However, we have put her in the B-tier because she doesn’t bring much to the fight.

B-Tier-Best Apex Legends to Pick


Horizon was once a staple character in Apex Legends due to her passive and tactile hand ability but picking her as a main can be a huge mistake. A serious nerf has reduced its tactile ability to just a movement boost, and nowadays she is a niche pick with limited usefulness.


Revenant was once one of the most sought-after characters in the game, but now it’s a mix of good and bad points. His tactile abilities to disable enemies and quietly climb structures can be used to make some great plays, however, his ultimate ability, Death totem feels a bit weaker.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is a new legend that came out of the gates with a bang in season 13. She is one of the deadliest characters in the game at the moment with a strong kit that makes her a viable pick for any team. She moves faster with shotguns, while tactile abilities make hiding impossible as she can track the enemies and finish them off.


Rampart used to be a bottom-tier character in season 10, but after getting a buff, she has now become one of the most viable picks for defensive characters. Her amped walls provide extra cover while her passive abilities have made her extra deadly, however, she lacks the mobility to be a meta, and strong players can easily outflank her.


After receiving a buff in season 12 Crypto has gone from one of the lowest-ranked characters to a valuable pick for the players looking for a legend that is equally useful in both passive and aggressive situations. The field of his view has been increased, and now he can throw a drone in a line which makes it impossible to hide from his drone.


C-tier- Best Apex Legends to Pick


Lifeline was once among the top-tier, due to her extraordinary medic abilities but now she has lost much of her appeal. Her D.O.C Heal Drone and Care Package can be nice to revive your comrades and keep fighting, but don’t make her a necessary addition to a team.


Seer debuted as a strong character, but after getting a series of nerfs this recon-focused character is now one of the weakest characters. His ability to detect the heartbeats of enemies can be useful in certain situations as he can not detect the players moving at a slower speed.


Mirage plays a supportive role, and his abilities are great in the arena. He is good for reviving teammates and confusing your opponents by turning invisible or dropping your clown. However, he lacks mobility and team utility for enemy dense situations.


Fuse entered the Apex Legends with a bang with his cluster bombs, but unfortunately, the remainder of his kit has failed to impress. His knuckle cluster is mediocre, while his passive only allows him to vary one extra grenade to each spot. Except for his explosives to light a fire under the enemy’s tail, he doesn’t have much to offer.



So, this was our Apex Legends Season 13 tier list. We have tried our best to evaluate each legend and explained why each one is where they are. The S-Tier characters are the strongest and can be an invaluable addition to your team.

The A-Tier has the most dynamic and solid characters that fulfill their roles remarkably but have a few weaknesses that keep them from being the best.

The legends in B-Tier can be very useful if used by skilled players, however, they lack the level of efficacy required to be highly recommended, and finally, the C-Tier legends are the least recommended ones as they won’t have much impact on your team’s victory, but can certainly serve a purpose in specific scenarios.

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