Anthony Bourdain’s ex Ottavia Busia Posts photo of daughter after his death wearing boots that he bought


The ex-wife of Anthony Bourdain posted a picture of 11-year-old daughter Ariane. She was performing at a concert over the weekend after the death of her father.

Ottavia Busia wrote for her daughter, “ Our little girl had her concert, she was amazing, strong and brave. She wore the boots that you bought her; hopefully, you have a good trip, wherever you are.”

A picture was uploaded in which Ariane was singing into a microphone as she stood in front of her band wearing a pair of black boots that were embellished with studs and spikes. Bourdain was hanged in his hotel room on Friday morning by his good friend and fellow chef Eric Ripert.

He had been in Kaysersberg, France, shooting an episode of his famous CNN series Parts unknown at the time. French authorities have said that the death was a suicide. His ex Ottavia Busia posted a picture of her daughter performing at a concert over the weekend.

ottavia busia

Our little girl had the concert she was amazing, so strong and brave. She wears the boots that you bought. Bourdain’s mother spoke on Monday and revealed that she last spoke with her son on Mother’s day. The 81-year-old editor at the New York Times said he seemed fine at the time. Moreover, she also describer her son as feisty and very talented. Gladys said he was a lover of people of all kinds.
In the New York Post, she told that her son’s body was being held up in France due to red tape, and Busia was handling everything at this time. The couple was separated in 2016 after nine years of marriage. Meanwhile, her ex-wife handled the funeral arrangements and the process of retrieving the chef’s body from France.

ottavia busia

Bourdain spoke about his relationship with Busia in 2016 during the interview with New Yorker. He was interviewed for the story during the shooting of a famous episode of his CNN series Parts unknown in Hanoi, Vietnam, with President Barack Obama. He talked about how difficult it was for Bourdain to maintain this relationship because he was always away and working on the show.

In an email to the writer of the story, he said the two were calling it quits, writing, it’s much of a change of lifestyle as we lived separate lives for many years. However, he also admired Ottavia Busia; she’s an interesting woman, I admire her choices, but I married Sophie Loren. She turned into Jean Claude Van Damme.

Bourdain wrote that he was happy the couple no longer had to pretend. They were set up at his restaurant Le Bernardin in New York City by Eric Ripert. Ripert discovered the body of Bourdain last Friday in France.

ottavia busia

ottavia busia

Bourdain was found dead in the hotel room on Friday morning by chef Eric. Bourdain said that he never saw himself as a father, but the two decided after some time together to give it a try, and Ottavia was soon pregnant.

They were a married couple and welcomed the daughter Arianne. Bourdain said in an interview, “ I’m shocked by how happy my daughter is; I don’t think I’m deluding myself, and I know I’m a loving father.”

Furthermore, he also added that Do I sometimes wish that In an alternative universe. I could be the patriarch, always there? Tons of Kids? Grandkids running around? Yes, it looks good to me, and I’m pretty sure I’m incapable of it.

Bourdain was dating Asia Argento before the death and married Nancy Putkoshi for 20 years to Busia.

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