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‘Black Clover’ is a comedy, action anime filled with magic. This anime was released in 2017 and remains happening. The story revolves around two young boys abandoned as a child at a church on an equivalent day.

They get older together and promise one another to compete for the title of Wizard King- the best magician. The show has decent visuals and is quite entertaining.

Suppose you wish to this show and expect subsequent episodes to observe some similar presentations. Then be happy to travel through this list. Also, remember to say your favorite pick in the comments.

Here, I am exploring the list of anime series revolving around magical themes.


Anime fans are familiar with the name ‘Naruto. But the series’ sheer volume puts many of us off. Moreover, there are around 400+ episodes within the entire series, including ‘Naruto: Shippuden.’ But trust me; it’s worth investing some time in.

Once you’ve been through the whole thing (you can skip most of the fillers, though), you’ll understand why anime is so popular. The story of ‘Naruto’ revolves around ninjas. Naruto is the protagonist. And, therefore, the titular character of the series. He’s a knucklehead kid. And he doesn’t seem to have any skills.

Moreover, he keeps causing trouble. Whereas he wants to be among the best ninjas. Therefore, his dreams are big, and he becomes the Hokage of the town.

And when he was born, the nine-tailed fox demon attacked his village. To save lots of the town, the Fourth Hokage sealed the devil into the baby Naruto. Moreover, the Hokage wanted Naruto to be seen as a hero. People generally avoid and mock him. Follow the young ninja’s adventures as he goes from being a troublemaker to being the best hero of his generation.

Konjiki, no Gash Bell

If you enjoy watching ‘Black Clover’ and need something almost like investing some time in, you would want to see ‘Konjiki no Gash Bell!!’. It’s a fun anime that features a total of 150 episodes. Don’t worry about the sheer volume of the things because they are often fascinating sometimes. And sometimes they could be worth some time. But yeah, there are some boring filler episodes, and you’ll skip them.

Within the world of ‘Konjiki no Gash Bell!!’ demons must get human experts on Earth and fight other monsters until just one emerges because of the real victor. Takamine Kiyomaro may be a guy who doesn’t care about the planet. Still, when Gash, a touch demon, suddenly arrives in his care, Takamine must learn the worth of friendship and look out for Gash as his master because the latter embarks on various battles.


Let’s check out another anime with a sheer volume that features a similar structure to ‘Black Clover,’ including an identical protagonist. Whereas, ‘Bleach’ has around 300+ episodes spanning across multiple arcs. It’s again a very popular anime that deals with supernatural themes and funky, badass shinigami.

Moreover, ‘Bleach’ story revolves around a teenage boy named Ichigo. He has the power to ascertain spirits. It might appear as a weird ability, but it’s high implications afterward. Ichigo has high spiritual energy, which provides him with the above command.

One day he is trying to fight a shinigami. All he wants is to defeat an enormous monster. Later he is known to be a Hollow, but the shinigami gets hurt. To guard his family against danger, Ichigo accepts the offer of shinigami and takes her powers to defeat the Hollow. The shinigami is Rukia Kuchiki. Having lost her control, she cannot continue her work and stays with Ichigo. Here, he instructs and trains him to defeat these monsters who prey on souls or spirit energy.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Let’s now check out an anime from the mecha genre. ‘Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’ is among the foremost entertaining mecha anime. It’s a compelling storyline, great characters, and delightful artwork and visuals. The surface of Earth has become inhabitable. So, humans have begun to live underneath it and have built underground villages.

Nowadays, stories about the character of Earth are fine without a fable. Kamina and Simon are two boys who have adventurous spirits. They need to venture bent the surface of the world. However, at some point while excavating. They encounter an ancient mecha which they call Lagann.

Fortunately, this mecha helps them debar a coup de main from the surface. After the incident, the character lies in plain view. And therefore, the duo’s long side, a gun-wielding female venture bent, explores the surface of Earth.

Soul Eater

Let’s come to the supernatural theme with subsequent anime on this list,’ Soul Eater. It’s an entertaining piece of labor that features 51 episodes. However, each episode is 24 minutes long. This anime revolves around the Death Meister Academy’s students and their adventures.

Moreover, the academy is an institute that aims to boost quality death scythes for shinigami to use in battles against evil beings. But the scythes aren’t made up of metal or similar stuff. They’re superior humans who have the power to rework into weapons after the consumption of 99 evil souls—moreover, the soul of a witch. Follow the daily lives of a gaggle of scholars within the academy, including the son of Lord Death himself.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ is one of the simplest anime out there. If you still need to watch this anime, roll in the hay before moving on to another anime series. It leads the story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who have the power to use alchemy. Using this, they need to bring back their deceased mom. But in alchemy, human transmutation is forbidden, and for excellent reasons.

The boys continue with it and learn why it’s prohibited the hard way. Edward loses his right. And Alphonse loses his body. It’s only after sacrificing his right leg that Edward. However, he is in a position to seal his brother’s soul in a suit of armor.

After the incident, the brothers began on a journey to seek out the fabled philosopher’s stone, enabling them to perform human transmutation with no side effects. Thus they’re going to be ready to gain their bodies back. But will they continue to be human enough once they finally find it?

Hunter x Hunter

‘Hunter x Hunter’ is one of the simplest action adventure anime. The anime is fun and hooks you to the very end. It’s one of the top famous and highest-rated anime of all time. And I suggest you check it out. Hunter is one of the leading esteemed and highest-paying professions within the world of ‘Hunter x Hunter.’ Gon’s father may be a hunter.

He left his son to pursue his dreams. He takes this inspiration from his father, and Gon decides to become a hunter himself and continue an adventure to see his father. But the knowledgeable hunter is hard to seek out, and becoming a hunter is challenging. He must take a difficult test. He meets different individuals who become his friends during his adventures. Killua, who has excellent skills, isn’t a knucklehead like Gon and hails from an assassin’s family.

Ao no Exorcist

Do you enjoy supernatural themes in anime? Are you trying to find an anime almost like ‘Black Clover,’ which also features a lovely magical piece? Then ‘Ao no Exorcist’ could be the anime you should inspect. During this anime, demons and humans exist in parallel worlds, and a nightmare can only enter the planet of humans by possessing a person. But someone just like the demon king needs a healthy vessel.

That’s why he makes sure to get offspring. After being ambushed by demons, Rin Okumura finds out that he’s Satan’s son. However, after his stepfather is killed while saving him, Rin becomes an exorcist to fight Satan instead of joining hands with him.

Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

‘Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic’ is a magical and entertaining anime that deals with magic. The anime takes inspiration from popular tales within the Arabian Nights Entertainment collection. Labyrinths are mysterious places that contain generous amounts of treasure in them. If one can get to at least one and conquer it, they will have all their wealth.

Furthermore, Magis is a rare class of magicians. However, they are liable for the labyrinths. They’re known to guide specific individuals to those places and help them build kingdoms. Djinns rule over the mazes, and one conquers the labyrinth and gets to use the former’s immense powers.

Aladdin may be a standard magician who has the power to summon a djinn together with his flute. And he embarks on a journey to explore the planet. And on this journey, he meets Alibaba. After an event, the duo starts seeking the closest labyrinth, thus creating their adventure.

Nanatsu no Taizai

Let’s jump back to the fantasy and magic genre for subsequent anime on our list, ‘Nanatsu no Taizai.’ during this anime, the Holy Knights of Britannia are powerful and use their magic to guard the whole empire and its kingdoms. But a faction of those knights identified because of the seven deadly sins allegedly decided to betray the Knights and attempt a coup to overthrow the king of Liones.

But Holy Knights defeated them though rumors persist of their survival. Years later, the Holy Knights overthrew the king of Liones and became the rulers.

Whereas the third princess of the dominion, Princess Elizabeth, decides to look for the sins to regain her kingdom from the clutches of the tyrannous Holy Knights.

UQ Holder!

‘UQ Holder!’ is another fantastic anime show with similar structures to ‘Black Clover.’ Touta Konoe is one of the protagonists of the series. He lives in a village and leads an ordinary life secluding him from society elsewhere. After discovering magic, everything changes around the globe. But the change isn’t necessarily good, and an enormous upset disrupting the balance of the planet takes place.

Touta doesn’t know anything about all this since he lives far away from society. He likes to spend time together with his female teacher.

Moreover, he can use magic and a gaggle of friends. But in a world where everything is disrupted. Nobody can live Nand ignorantly. Shortly his peaceful life is disturbed. A bounty hunter who involves attacks his teacher and mortally wounds Touta. He survives and learns that he’s now a vampire. Now, he must undertake an adventure to line things right.

Boku no Hero Academia

The general premise of ‘Black Clover’ may be a bit cliché, which is why you’ll find numerous similar anime spanning across multiple genres. It may be a great point since we won’t get bored by watching an equivalent genre.

‘Boku no Hero Academia’ is also an anime of the superhero genre anime. In this anime, Quirks are special capabilities that humans have acquired after years of evolution. They provide humans with superhuman skills. Nowadays, abnormalities are so common that rarely is an individual quirkiness. But Midoriya Izuku is an unfortunate being quirkless, making it impossible for him to become a superhero like his idol All Might.

But after an opportunity encounters together with his hero. He learns that the latter’s quirk is some things that may be passed on. Thus, Midoriya begins to coach to finally get a quirk and be ready to join UA High, a hero academy.

Fairy Tail

If you would like to take a position sometime during a long shounen fantasy anime like ‘Black Clover,’ choose ‘Fairy Tail.’ it’s one of the simplest fantasy anime out there, which deals with many magic.

The anime is about Fiore’s land, where magic is commonplace and employed in almost everything. Various mages confederate and form guilds that combat tasks. One of the most famous guilds is the Fairy Tail guild, whose members are more family and have excellent skills as a mage.

Lucy Heartfilia may be a young mage who wants to hitch the fairy tail guild. But she becomes the victim of a kidnap attempt after encountering a person who tricks her. Natsu Dragneel may be a mage who may be a member of the fairy tail guild. He saves Lucy and offers her to hitch the guild. It marks the start of her adventures with the guild.

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