Amazing Charts EMR vs. AdvancedMD EMR – Features and Pricing (2022)


Amazing Charts is an EMR program made by a doctor who had a lot of experience with the problems that small clinics run into. Amazing Charts was made to run quickly, efficiently, and smartly so that most clinics can still afford to keep it up and running.

Amazing Charts EMR vs. AdvancedMD EMR

Since Amazing Charts has been around, it has been used by more than 6,000 small clinics in different fields. Amazing Charts has everything you need, whether family or internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, or pediatrics.

Amazing Charts EMR Features

e-Prescription Tool

The e-prescription feature in Amazing Charts EHR is excellent because it saves you and your patient a lot of time. With this tool, you can send your patients’ prescriptions to whichever pharmacy is most convenient for them. The software also tells you if there are any drug interactions you should know about and try to avoid. All of this makes it easier for you to write prescriptions and keeps your patients and your practice much safer. In the end, you can make things easier for yourself and your patient, which is excellent.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is another great thing about this software that makes the Amazing Charts pricing worth it. With this feature, you can speak your notes, and the software will listen to what you say and turn them into text documents. This feature will save you a lot of time and money if you always take notes on the patient as you talk and then have them typed up later. In addition, this feature makes it easy to convert these notes without any problems, which can help you and your practice.

Pre-built Templates

Many user reviews say that the templates feature of this software alone makes it worth the price of Amazing Charts. Thanks to this feature, you can choose from several templates that come with the software. You can select a template that fits your area of expertise and your practice’s needs the best.

Patient Portal

With this software’s patient portal feature, patients can log in to the portal and care for their needs. This will save you a lot of time that you used to spend on administrative tasks. In addition, this means that patients can easily log in to the portal and do different things. For example, they can make appointments, check their bills, and do much more.

Overall, this feature saves you time and money. It saves you time because you don’t have to do administrative tasks yourself, and it saves you money because you don’t have to pay someone else to do them.

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing

Regarding the Amazing Charts EMR pricing, the software is not too expensive and is on the lower end of the price range for EHR software. The price of this software starts at $39 and only goes up based on how many features you want and what functions you want from the software.

According to user reviews, the software is worth it because you can choose a cheaper option and see if the Amazing Charts price is worth an investment. This helps you keep your own budget in order.

AdvancedMD EMR Software

Different medical specializations may use the practice management software and electronic medical record (EMR) provided by AdvancedMD. With the cloud-based interface, you can access patient information from anywhere on the internet. AdvancedMD EMR reviews show that the software’s different features and functions have changed the healthcare industry.

AdvancedMD EMR Features

Central Dashboard

The “donut filters” in the AdvancedMD dashboard let you customize the information you want to see first. According to user reviews, this feature helps you put your tasks in order of importance. For example, you can look at your mailbox using the donut filter linked to the email feature.

The AdvancedMD dashboard can see charge slips, prescriptions, clinician notes, photos, lab test results, and more. Overall, the AdvancedMD dashboard is a complete place to manage data about patients.

Appointment Scheduling

In AdvancedMD’s appointment scheduling function, you can sign up a new patient with just one click or choose one who is already in your system. This feature lets you see your appointments at each setup if you have more than one. This tool can also call, text, or email patients to remind them of upcoming appointments.


Being a medical provider requires you to keep a check on your appointment schedule. The calendar feature of AdvancedMD EMR software gives you a quick look at the patient’s history and lets you see your different colored appointment types.

If you have more than one configuration, you can choose where the calendar looks at the patient’s name, address, insurance information, and more. In addition, you can schedule an AdvancedMD EMR demo to explore this feature.

Easy Documentation

When work in the health care field is repetitive and takes a lot of time, templates can help. AdvancedMD lets you make templates for appointments that you can change to fit the kind of appointment. You can also change the templates to make them fit your needs.

You can add templates with text or hotkeys. AdvancedMD also has handwriting and speech recognition technologies to help you change templates. You can also link specific templates to certain appointment types to quickly use them when a patient with a specific appointment type comes in.

AdvancedMD EMR Pricing

The fully integrated plan from AdvancedMD costs $729 per month per physician and includes the complete EMR system.

Amazing Charts EMR vs. AdvancedMD EMR – Our Thoughts

Both software has their pros and cons. Therefore, we can’t decide which one is suitable for your practice. However, you can schedule an Amazing Charts or AdvancedMD EMR demo to explore each software in real-time. This will help you make a knowledgeable decision for your medical practice.

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