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The professional TV actress Amanda Bearse was born on 9 August 1958. Her birthplace is Winter Park, Florida, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She went to Birmingham Southern College for her studies.

Armanda got an education in acting at the New York Neighborhood Playhouse. She gained fame for her best performance in the horror film Fright Night, in which she played the role of Amy Peterson. She most of her time in Atlanta, Georgia.

He went to Southern Birmingham College for study. Armanda became famous when she played in the Soap Opera All My Children and appeared as Amanda Cousins. On the other side, she also appeared in many B movies like Fraternity Vacation, Protocol, and Fright Night.

Amanda Bearse was at her peak when she appeared in Married With Children in 1987 as the face of Marcy Rhoades. The other popular movies Here Come the Munster and The Doom Generation, are included.

She directed an NBC series, “ The Sperm Donor,” in 2005 and in 2009 teamed up with Rosie O’Donnell to direct the Big Gay Sketch Show that aired on 24 April 2007.

Amanda Bearse Biography

Amanda Bearse

Amanda Bearse was born on August 6, 1958, in Winter Park, Florida. She is 61 years old now, and her parents and brothers have not been found yet. The actress and director went to Rollins College and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia for a while. In the end, she got her degree in 1976.

Following that, Amanda went to Young Harris College and finally graduated with an arts degree. She went on to get a better education after getting her first degree at Young Harris. She kept performing at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, where she worked with the late great acting teacher Sanford Meisner.

Personal Information

  • Full Name: Amanda Bearse
  • Birth Place: Winter Park, Florida
  • Date Of Birth: 9 August 1958
  • Age: 63 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Husband/Spouse: Carrie Schenken
  • Net Worth: $20 million
  • Profession: Actress, Director, Comedian
  • Instagram: @mandyblvd

 Body Measurements

Amanda Bearse

  • Height: 5 ft.4 inches
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Body Measurements: 37-27-37 inches
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Light Brown
  • Shoe size: 7.5 US


Bearse took acting lessons at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York with Sanford Meisner. She had her first breakthrough when she got the part of Amanda Cousins on the soap opera All My Children from 1982 to 1983. During that time, Amanda had small roles in a number of independent and B movies, including 1984’s “The Protocol,” 1985’s “Frat” Vacation, and 1986’s “Fright Night.”

Amanda made a big step forward in her career when she was cast as Marcy Rhoades on Married with Children in 1987. Amanda kept playing the part after the show ended in 1997. Bearse was also in the middle of the 1990s shows Here Came the Munsters and The Doom Generation. In “The Doom Generation,” a 1995 comedy-thriller, Amanda Bearse also played a drunk person. Amanda made a name for herself in Hollywood with each part.

Amanda Bearse got her start as a TV director while she was on the show Married with Children. From 1991 to 1997, she was in charge of 33 episodes of the show. Amanda was also in charge of Pauly, Reba, Malcolm & Eddie, The Jamie Foxx Show, Dharma & Greg, The Tom Show, and Mad TV: Licensed Teacher. Amanda did the pilot for NBC’s show The Sperm Donor with Maggie Wheeler in 2005. From 2006 to 2007, Amanda and Rossie O’Donnell were in charge of The Big Gay Sketch Show, which had its first show on April 24, 2007.

Relationship Status

Amanda Bearse

She was born in Winter Park, Florida, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. After some time, she started going to Winter Park High School and finished in 1976. Because of the possible stigma, a lot of gay people in the entertainment business choose to hide their orientation. Amanda, on the other hand, told a magazine in 1993 that she was bisexual and had a real daughter named Zoe. In 1993, it was hard to be publicly gay, but Amanda took a huge risk.

While Amanda was married to Carrie Schenken, a gay guy, in 2010, the cast of “Married with Children” was there. Before the wedding, Amanda was said to have been seeing actor Sandar Bernhard. Amanda Bearse enjoys the feeling of getting lines across. No matter where she is in the picture, it doesn’t matter.

Net Worth

Amanda Bearse is thought to be worth more than $20 million. It’s likely that directors won’t get as much media notice as actors who play TV characters, but their bank accounts will always be full, often even more than actors’. Because of this, combining acting and directing will never put you out of business. She also makes a lot of money by putting on shows and using social media to make money off of her character.

Amanda Bearse has reached most of her goals thanks to her hard work and commitment as a career woman. Even though Amanda was afraid of being judged, she didn’t let the crowd scare her and proudly said that she was bisexual.


Q: Did Amanda write “Married and Having Kids”?

Bearse: In the 1980s, Neil Simon wrote a version about a woman. And I think the male version might have been right around 1970, when the play, then the movie, then the TV series came out. As a child, I watched the Jack Klugman-Tony Randall show more because I knew it better (version).

Q: How did Jefferson end up with Marcy?

He is like Peggy in that he is lazy and only cares about himself. Marcy met Jefferson, a bartender, at his job after a bankers’ convention. She was so drunk that she got married at a cookie-cutter wedding chapel (Episode 92, “Married… with Who? “).

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