Alternatives To A Rolex But On A Budget!

Affordable Rolex Alternatives

Rolex is the most popular name in the luxury watch game by a long way. What if you don’t want a Rolex or simply are not prepared to pay the “Rolex” amount of money? There are some great options for alternatives to any Rolex, coming in at a mere fraction of the price. Below, we will cover some of the best budget alternatives to Rolex today.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is likely the most well-known and respected dive watch available on the market today. While in close competition with watches like the Omega Seamaster and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, they offer very little relief in the price segment, as all of these watches can carry the price of a small car. There are some great, affordable alternative dive watches which even have the look and quality of a watch in this steep price bracket.

  • Seiko Sport 5 – The Seiko Sport 5 is a fantastic dive watch, coming in at under $200. Fantastic quality and great reliability is the name of the game for Seiko, the movements while having less thrills than some other in its class, will last a lifetime. There is a wide range of different faces and bezels available for the Sport 5, the dark, almost British racing green is especially alluring to those wanting a more subtle but gorgeous watch.
  • Orient Mako 2 – Orient is one of the few affordable watch manufacturers who make use of their own in house mechanical self-winding movements. An impressive feat on its own, when taken into consideration that orient watches are built with good quality materials and have proven to be reliable, it’s a difficult act to beat. The Mako 2 was chosen here as the price for one you are getting is astounding, it is fantastic quality and very pretty 200m dive watch for under $150. The dark blue dial and bezel are especially good-looking when shimmering in the sunlight.

Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust is truly a class act of a watch. Stunning yet simplistic lines make for an all-round great watch, with the addition of a handy date window. While this may be one of the easiest watches to get a “Look alike” for, it can also be one of the most difficult to try and replicate the feeling of. We have a few options to look at, though.

  • Seiko SNXS79k – Also known as the Seiko Datejust 5, this is a watch worth getting for everybody. Coming in at below $200 so you can save money for other things, it seems like it’s Seiko to save the day for all cheap Rolex alternatives. This particular watch is beautiful with the straight black or white face to somewhat increase the streamlined elegance.
  • Citizen – The Citizen quartz 2 tone is a great alternative for anybody to wear. While it does use a quartz movement which may be less desirable to any avid watch enthusiasts, it is convenient to have the battery over a small power reserve, and the citizen in its two-tone layout really does look a good part. At, again, under $200, this is a great buy for somebody who will only be using a watch for certain occasions and does not have the time or patience to rewind a watch that’s small reserve runs out.
  • Orient Classic – As much I would have preferred to give a recommendation other than Another Orient, it is extremely difficult to beat their cost to quality and performance. Their classic series, available from as little as $100 is a fantastic alternative to a Rolex Datejust if you are on a tighter budget. While it looks less like the Rolex than the Seiko mentioned above, it is a classic, streamlined look which would never be out of place.

Or Buy A Rolex

There is no true alternative to the original, if you have your heart set on a Rolex, a Rolex is one of the few things that will satisfy the itch like playing the Bingo Australia offers will if you want real gaming action. If you are in the market for a watch at “Rolex” amounts of money, there are some fantastic offerings from Omega and Grand Seiko to check out too.

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