Alondra Delgado Body Measurements, Career, Family, Net Worth, and More!


devotion, determination, dedication, hard work, and persistence are some keywords for earning
a name in the Hollywood entertainment industry and all these factors are present in the
pioneering personality of Alondra Delgado. She was born on 27 August 1997 in Puerto Rico.

She has proved her skills with her first film entitled “A Will To Love”.For pursuing her dreams she
has joined the New York undergraduate academy and passed successfully with a great
demonstration of her devotion in 2018. In a short period, she has earned more than 20 credits in
movies and television shows.

Personal facts about Alondra Delgado

Name: Alondra Delgado
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Not Known
Age: 25 years (in 2022)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationally: Italian
Living in: Puerto Rico, America
Occupation: Actress, Writer, and Producer
Networth: $50k to $1 million
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 54 kilograms

Known for: Venessa Montes on CW Football Drama
Education: Bachelor Degree in Acting
Spouse/Girlfriend: Not Known (most probably Asher)


Interesting Facts About Alondra Delgadoh

● She stepped into the industry at a very young age and managed to entertain people from
all around the globe with remarkable performances for her whole life.
● She has disclosed that her name, Alondra, is inspired by a bird “Alauda Arvensis” which
is known for singing too excessively
● As a child, she dreamed of being a part of telenovelas, and today with devotion and
keenness, she is living her dreams to the fullest.
● Alondra is not only an actor but she has proudly accommodated the role of a successful
writer and producer.
● Alondra has always kept her personal information hidden from social radar therefore her
steps usually attract the spotlight.
● She is currently incorporating ESL network management.
● Alondra Delgado was first recognized by the world for her stand-out performance as
Venessa Montes on CW Football Drama.
● As a film and drama writer, she prefers to always write with a pen and paper instead of
the modern gadgets

Alondra Delgado

Alondra Delgado

Alondra Delgado

Alondra Delgado

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