Airbnb to Pay for Funerals of Five Victims Killed At Halloween Party

According to Airbnb, it will pay funeral expenses for the five victims and killed in a Halloween shooting at one of the rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. It also covers families counseling bills.

A victim’s lawyer Jesse Danoff who blasted the company’s response to the Halloween massacre at its rental properties. Airbnb said funds had been released for funeral expenses and counseling for the victims’ families. We contacted Danoff, who represents the Family of Raymon Hill Jr.

Airbnb said it would pay five victims’ funeral expenses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brian Chesky is the co-founder and CEO who vowed to have the rental homes. The property’s owner thought he had rented it to just 12 people and saw the party unfold over the home’s security cameras before the police.

On 31 October, the people were killed when gunfire erupted. Danoff responded to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s recent tweets in which he claimed the company is supporting the families of the victims.

Moreover, Danoff said They have not reached out to apologize and have responded in public with thoughts and prayers. Some other victims were identified as 22-year-old Tryon Farley, 24-year-old Omar Taylor, and 19-year-old Oshiana Tompkins and Javin County.

There are more than 100 young people who were dancing at around 11 Taylor’s music, and at that time, the rented four-bedroom home in the 100 blocks of Lucille way in Orinda. No one is arrested, and was no immediate word on the motive for the attack.

Investigators said we found two guns at the property. The home was rented on Airbnnd by a woman who old the owner her family members had asthma and needed to escape the smoke from a wildfire. The owner was suspicious on Halloween with the renter that no parities were allowed there.

Michael Wang, who was the owner, said his wife reached out to the renter when neighbors contacted them about the party. There were only a dozen people at home, and Wang said he saw more people from the doorbell camera.

Furthermore, he told the San Francisco Chronicle, we called the police and were on the way to go there to stop them. The neighbor sent us the message that there was a shooting. Airbnb announced it would verify all 7 million and followed the death of five people in a shooting.

Now the company has vowed to the accuracy of rental photos, addresses, and listing details and ensure the quality standards, safety, cleanliness, and amenities after being criticized for allowing rogue parties.

The co-founder of Airbnb issued a statement and mentioned the details of all rental homes on their website. Meanwhile, the company also took steps to avoid unauthorized house parties, with staff planning to screen any high-risk reservations like the size of listings.

The company is working with Ronald Davis, former chief of police in East Palo alto and executive director of community-oriented services for President Obama. Another person was also involved, named Charles Ramsey, a former chief of police in Washington D.C. they developed the rapid response hotline team.

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