AFL Legend Dustin Meets With Fans At Bonds Fashion Event and also Get some questions about personal life


Fans of legend Dustin Martin get a moment of happiness when they wait for three hours in advance.  AFL legend arrived and warned the crowd that he is coming and had an hour to spare. Dustin Martin took hold of a toddler while pushing his hoodies at Bond Melbourne Central shop.

He did not like when asking about his girlfriend and his protecting angel Ralph Carr.  Carr moved to journalist and asked his client a fashion question with a twist where Dustin proved himself to be a comfortable operator in front of a big crowd on the football field.

Dustin Martin

No doubt, Dustin Martin is popular because of a superstar who transcends the many football codes in Australia. Dustin appeared as the real man of the people.  Dustin always gives his spare time to visit sick kids in the hospital and also takes time to inspire young footy players.

He made the center of attention on Wednesday, and he is a beacon of confidence. The footy ground is where the tiger’s champion is meant to shine and shine he does. Dusty was seemed a little bit dusty and didn’t know whether the television cameras located in the bonds Shop in Melbourne Central.

The media announced that Martin would meet their fans and pose for pictures with them before answering some questions. He is an ambassador for Bonds now.


Some rumors came about his dating life, and according to these, Martin is in a relationship with glamour model Chontelle Berryman.

Dustin Martin

He gave autographs, signed jumpers, and cracked smiles for photos. Fans were so happy, and the scene was like watching a teenage boyfriend meeting his girlfriend’s dad.

He seemed uncomfortable, annoyed, and anxious about the event and who

knows what’s going on in the footballer’s life.

Marin co-designed his first streetwear-inspired range of tees, hoodies, beanie, that reflect the unique sense of style.

Dustin Martin

Dustin breaks a smile for the fan who lined up for hours to see him, but he was not happy to answer the question about the girlfriend.

Furthermore, Martin told channel 10 that he had always been into fashion and had a bot of fun. It shows that he wants to remain involved in the fashion business.  Martin revealed his favorite item the hoodie that he wore at the event of the bond.  He had linked to Chontolle Berryman in March but denied that they were an item.

Dustin Martin

Dustin Martin gets his Derek Zoolander with a smoking look for his latest range of Bonds gear. The camera dipped down, and another blind question was asked. “ What does your girlfriend think of the gear?

Dustin Martin

Sorry? Martin asked before giving a death stare, and the reporter asked No comment? The manager Ralph carr said don’t do that before giving a shove to the reporter.  He is one of the high profile celebrity managers who can pass as a double for Joe Pesci’s character from Goodfellas.

The reporter was the scribe, bit back, and the mop-headed agent took a step back and denied he had shoved anyone.  Well, Martin had more hands to shake and more siles to force over at another shop.


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