A Simple Guide to Wedding Suits: How to Dress for a Black-Tie Event

Formal events don’t come by that often, but when it does, it will muster every ounce of your inner fashionista. Receiving an invitation to a black-tie event makes one feel prestigious and also quite underdressed. Not everyone has enough background about wedding suits or strict dress codes.

For this reason, simple guidelines and tips on what to wear for exclusive and high-end parties are needed. With the proper reference and ample explanation on the dos and don’ts of formal wear, then you will surely rock any social gathering—formal or not—that you will attend next.

The Basics

The black-tie wedding originated during the late 19th century. Specifically, it referred to the rules and etiquette for attires worn during exclusive, late-night events shared by the elite British families and groups.

There is a simple golden rule in black-tie weddings and events. Guests must stick to two shades of colour for their attire. Black and white are the only hues you need to mix and match in these types of social gatherings. The good news about this is you can either go simple or take things up a notch.

For men, the ensemble, from the bottom to the top, should be a pair of black leather shoes, a white shirt, a black tux, and a bow tie in the shade of black. It is quite simple, but what makes it complicated is choosing the suitable variation of wedding suits for your body type and personal style.

Fabric and Style Choices

Oxford shoes, pointed-tip shoes, and patented leather are two of the most footwear choices to go with men’s wedding suits. Lace-up shoes, Venetian leather, loafers, and even velvet, closed slippers are also some alternative shoes you can try.

For the shirt, you can choose between one with a fold-down collar or a wingtip. At best, keeping it simple keeps you from committing a huge formal fashion mistake. Wingtip shirts are the more customary choice for black-tie because it is sleek, clean, and sharp. However, several variations such as French cuffs and the addition of pleats, studs, and fold-down collars were introduced to accommodate more distinct preferences.

Like the shirt, there are also different types of bow ties that can go with your formal ensemble. Bow ties complete your attire, so it is okay to take your time picking out the perfect style to go with your outfit. You can choose the classic bow tie or switch it up with a diamond-tip tie. 

When it comes to the suit, some black-tie weddings implement versatile and less strict rules. The non-traditional black-tie allows navy blue tuxedos or blazers. Some men prefer wearing a black evening suit and make it suitable for formal gatherings with a clean and simple white shirt and a lace black or navy-blue tie. It is the best alternative you can use if you ever find yourself in an emergency and can’t find a tuxedo in time for the event.

Exclusive and formal gatherings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t make it an excuse to dress poorly. Admit it; it is not every day that you get to strut down a red carpet and pretend like you’re a sophisticated and rich personality. Rather than dread having to wear gowns or wedding suits, why not take this as an opportunity to dress to the 9’s and feel and look like a Hollywood star?

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