A Quick Beginners Guide to Learning to Ride Horses

Humans have had a long relationship with horses for centuries. But, did you know the horse was first domesticated 5,500 years ago in Kazakhstan? So, learning to ride horses is more natural than it seems.

Every year, thousands of adults and children learn how to ride a horse for the first time. And if you are among them, you might wonder what the steps are to horse riding for beginners. It’s natural to be nervous initially, but a little knowledge will help ease your mind.

So, if you are thinking of taking horse riding lessons soon, keep reading. We’ll give you a beginner’s guide that will get you tall in the saddle in no time.

Dressing and Addressing

Before you take your first horse riding lessons, you should know what to wear. Being comfortable but flexible is very important, so wear loose-fitting clothing.

If you have a pair of boots with about an inch heel, that’s ideal. If not, sneakers are acceptable but wear shoes that don’t have a flat sole. Again, you will want to keep a firm grip with your feet in the saddle.

Next, a riding helmet is essential. Most schools provide basic equipment but buy a good helmet if you’re serious about learning how to ride a horse.

It’s natural to have nerves when you approach a horse for the first time. They’re big and intimidating at first, but horses are docile creatures. Your first horse riding lessons will be on an older and more seasoned mount, and thus, calmer.

Learning to Ride Horses With Professionals

After getting used to being around your horse, your instructor will teach you the proper way to mount a horse. When learning, someone will hold the reins while you perfect the technique.

Horses generally get mounted from the left side, so place your left foot in the stirrup. Then, swing your body upward and whip your right leg over the horse’s back. Be careful not to kick the horse by accident as your right foot comes down.

Now, with another person still holding the reins, tell them if you want to adjust your balance. Riding postures differ depending on the style of riding you are doing. Whichever horse course you take, instructors will show you the best riding poses.

Applying the Brakes

Like driving a car, one of the most crucial aspects of learning to ride horses is stopping a horse. This skill is best learned before you even get on a horse for the first time.

You will learn to use your weight and pressure from your legs to bring the horse to a gradual stop. Once you have performed the skill on your horse, give him a pat on the neck as a reward. It will help you bond with the animal.

Dismounting a horse is as essential as getting on. First, make sure you are at a complete stop and hold the reins tight. Then, pull both feet out of the stirrups and arc your right leg over the horse’s back.

Be careful again not to kick the horse as you drop to the ground on his left side. Once you know this skill, it’s time to take a walk with your horse. As you get more comfortable guiding the animal on the ground, you learn to jog the horse as well.

Enjoy the Ride

With a few basics in learning to ride horses, you should feel more at ease when you first encounter a horse. Remember, horse riding lessons get conducted by professionals who ensure your safety. Stay calm and know that horse riding for beginne

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