A Man is Arrested for Shoving a Man out of his Wheelchair in Target


The 32-year-old Jimmie tiger was arrested on 19th January. He was charged with attempted kidnapping and assault by producing significant bodily injury. The Pleasant Hill Police Department said authorities were called to the tiger on 11th January, where they found the victim.
The victim and Jimmie tiger had gotten into a verbal altercation over an accessible parking spot. He demanded that the victim go back to the parking lot and apologize to his wife for getting into the parking disagreement.

Police investigated and arrested a man in California who removed a man from his wheelchair inside a target after the two got into a disagreement over an accessible parking spot.
Authorities called the Jimmie Tiger found the victim received medical treatment for injuries he sustained in the assault.
The victim is a member of the functional needs community and requires a wheelchair. He also explained to authorities he had confronted the motorist outside of the target. He was unlawfully parked in the handicapped parking section. After the verbal altercation, the victim went inside the store and was followed by the tiger.

jimmie tiger

The man tried to wheel the victim out of the store against his will. He also threw the victim out of the wheelchair when he refused to go.

Other witnesses rushed to help the victim when authorities arrived. Authorities asked for the license plate for the vehicle connected to Tiger.

Pleasant Hill was able to identify Tiger through the vehicle. Lieutenant Scott Vermillion shared that the case demonstrated the benefits we all experience when community member s and law enforcement work together and try to find a quick solution for cases like this.

Jimmie Tiger seems offended and has been arrested for a $37,00 jewelry heist from an Oregon Costco in 2015. Moreover, he pleaded not guilty to the theft and conspiracy charges in relation to this incident.

jimmie tiger

jimmie tiger

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