A Look at Season 4 of Manifest: Why Ben and Saanvi Shouldn’t Get Married


Manifest Season 4 begins on Netflix on October 20th, and some have quickly assumed that Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) will end up with Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) as a result of the death of Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) at the end of Season 3. Based on the character’s stories over the last three seasons, this would be an absolute and grave mistake.

It was quickly apparent that the pairing between Saanvi and Ben would be a fan favorite on Manifest when it premiered on NBC in 2018. Those two energies were so well suited to one another, and they were quite a duo once they got together. In this case, the reason is that the passengers raced to find answers about what happened to them and those on Flight 828 to survive.

The chemistry between Saanvi and Ben was evident every time they were on set. It was undeniable that Saanvi was an invaluable friend to Ben as he started to unravel. Even during Season 2, I was also shipping them! During the five and a half years that the passengers were missing, Grace, Ben’s wife, had found another love in Danny (Daniel Sunjata), and it didn’t help that Grace was played as quite an unlikeable character at first, as she had found another love in Danny.

However, things changed with the arrival of Season 2. As Grace’s pregnancy progressed and she began experiencing the calls of the Holy Spirit, the relationship between Grace and Ben grew stronger. As their flames rekindled, their love blossomed once again as the two rekindled their flames and blossomed together. As a result, they became a pair of strong characters that were worth rooting for.

A Look at Season 4 of Manifest

As we learned during the second season of Manifest, Saanvi had been in Jamaica and on Flight 828 first and foremost because she was going out with a married woman, the reason she had been there, to begin with. Saanvi was left heartbroken and alone when she learned that this woman had chosen to remain with her partner. In the meantime, Saanvi was dealing with some issues of her own.

While the therapy sessions were fake and were conducted for the Major’s benefit only, we witnessed Saanvi’s analysis of her motivation for partaking in such a relationship and her reaction to the toll it took on her. It was interesting to watch Saanvi later admit she had feelings for Ben, and where she was actively trying not to think about him in such a way because she knew she would not be able to have him.

After all, he was so devoted to Grace. There was a moment when Saanvi began to examine why she only chose unavailable people, where she would be the second choice, and she would not have to commit fully. Despite the shortness of Saanvi’s “therapy” sessions, it does not negate her progress during those sessions. I can’t imagine how it would feel if I ended up with Ben throughout Manifest’s final 20-episode season.

Saanvi firmly believes that the writers made a huge mistake by killing Grace, which shattered any hope for the Stone family to have a satisfying ending. She does not deserve to be Ben’s second choice as she believes the writers made a mistake by killing Grace. As a result of Grace’s departure, Saanvi would be precisely what Grace was. Is it fair that Ben should be able to find love again?

Without a doubt. It should be remembered that Saanvi’s happiness and development must be protected to accomplish this. Someone should make Saanvi their first choice if they want someone to marry. After seeing Saanvi deal with her issues and start looking forward to genuine happiness, Saanvi might be tempted to take a step back with Ben, which would be a step back for her.

There would always be a shame to the writers’ killing off Grace to pair Saanvi and Ben since had Grace not died, that would have been who Ben would be with had Grace not died. It would be Saanvi’s responsibility to live her life and end the show fully aware that she was not what Ben had in mind when he was picturing his future when he started the show.

There may have been a way to avoid this if there had been more time, but since the series was only given one more season instead of the three that the creator, Jeff Rake, planned initially, there is a little possibility it would have felt satisfying in the end.) The pairing of Ben and Saanvi should have been done much earlier (and it should not have resulted in the death of characters) if they were going to be paired together.

Considering Grace and Ben’s marital issues, that would have been the perfect time for Grace and Ben to resolve their issues amicably. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, and what a family looks like changes. Each finds their happy ending, given their marital problems in Season 1. It was strange for Grace to discover that she was pregnant after he had been such a big part of Olive and Grace’s lives… and he had just vanished.

There was a moving scene in Manifest where Danny helped Grace grieve the loss of Ben and Cal and start moving forward. Danny was a father figure to Olive during many of those years, and we saw how much he meant to her as he stepped up to be a father figure to her during those years. Grace would have been better off if she had received the ending she intended to receive instead of a finish where she was a refrigerator if Grace and Ben were never meant to end up together.

There has been an emphasis on Ben and Grace’s relationship over the past two seasons, as shown and explained by the writers. Their happy ending resulted from beating the death date and being a happy family together, displaying their love for each other, willing to stop at nothing to save each other, and the fact that they were ready to stop at nothing to keep each other.

Neither Saanvi nor the fans would be happy with such an ending, whether for the woman or the fans. It is time for Saanvi to have her happy ending, where she is in a position that makes her the best candidate for fans to imagine what a happy future she will have in front of her. The connection could be with one of the characters on the show, like the coworker with whom she bonded during Season 3 of Manifest.

A Look at Season 4 of Manifest

Alternatively, we may see an existing character that has yet to see any romance thus far, such as Michaela’s former colleague Drea (Ellen Tamaki), who has yet to see any romance so far. As a fan of Pretty Little Liars, watching this scenario might remind you of the storyline where Spencer and Toby were only able to end up together after Toby’s wife, Yvonne, sadly passed away in a car accident.

It would be so unsatisfactory if Saanvi were paired with Ben in the final episodes of the season, whatever the case may be. Manifest has created in fans’ minds that Ben’s true love was Grace, whereas Saanvi deserves better. This is a commitment that cannot be rescinded. It is still being determined precisely what direction the writers will take as the show heads into its final season on Netflix.

Hopes are high that fans will be able to see their adoration for Ben and Grace’s relationship and the Stone family pay off in a happy ending for them all. In the meantime, Saanvi also deserves the same treatment. To protect the passengers, she has taken on so much risk, even putting herself in immediate danger, and has been focused on her work so much that she has had a minimal romantic life.

A bit more attention should be paid to Saanvi’s romantic life (not too much, but still) to ensure that she enjoys and thrives in her relationship in the future… just not with Ben.

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