A Guide to Select Branded Tiles for Your Home

Planning to design and set up a house is not one of the most accessible jobs in the world. It takes your time, energy, money and dedication to sit and take each decision wisely. One of the most critical decisions when designing your house is to select tiles that would fit and look attractive according to each area in your home.

You get local and branded tiles in the market, but it is hard to differentiate between good and what’s not. If you are looking for premium tiles that are branded – Wilhand and similar dealers are the options that you must go for.

If you are a homeowner looking for advice on how you can pick branded tiles for designing your homes, here is your guidebook for everything you need to know about premium quality tiles.

Types of Tiles

Each area in your house has to be designed in a certain way. How you wish to create your home is totally up to you, but you must take some expert advice from your interior designers, architects and engineers on what will suit best for your needs.

You get a variety of tile colours, designs and patterns in the market. Picking up the right tile can add elegance to your entire interior setting. The tiles you pick for your bathroom will not be the right choice for your living room.

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So, you must see catalogues of brands before you make up your mind. Some of the most popular tile options that are readily available in the market are:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Quarry tiles
  • Natural stone tiles
  • Mosaic tiles

Tiles come in different sizes as well, and if you’ve got an opportunity to visit a recently constructed house, you would have an idea of what is in trend.

How Do You Select Tiles According to Different Areas of the House?

1. Living Room

For your living room, you must always pick large size tiles. Ceramic tiles are perfect for open and big spaces like your living rooms. You can go with moderate colours like the black, grey, white, and ivory tiles for this space in your house.

2. Bedroom

In comparison to your living room, look for medium or small tiles for your bedroom. Select a colour that can go well with your bedroom furniture and taste.

3. Bathroom

For your restroom/bathrooms, you can play with colourful tiles. Just make sure that the tiles do not absorb much moisture as it can lead to damage.

4. Kitching and Open Spaces

Open spaces, such as your front and backyard and your kitchen, are the areas that are exposed to heat and water. Make sure you buy water and heat resistant tiles not to have complaints of crack and other damages.

Why Are Tiles Better for Your House?

When selecting tiles, you make an easy investment that does not have a high cost of maintenance. The tiles’ quality, durability, and sustainability are vital points that you need to look for when making your purchase decision. You always have to remember two things for selecting a tile. One, where you want to place it and what is its purpose.

If you wish to buy tiles that are branded, Wilhand and similar dealers provide their catalogue, and you can sort your options from there. Hopefully, you won’t have any difficulties now buying branded tiles for your homes.

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