A Guide to Gaylord Boxes

It has become popular to use Gaylord boxes and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers to store and transport materials and products, including powders, granular materials, loose parts, and also liquids. However, you need to choose the right option for you.

I currently use 2 wall Gaylord boxes. Is there a great option for shipping materials? What makes Gaylord boxes different? Do you know what FIBCs are? It is imperative to know the answers to these questions to help you choose the best option for shipping your products and materials.

What are Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers?

They are industrial containers used to ship products and materials to customers or facilities. Manufacturers use woven polypropylene to make FIBCs. And the manufacturers may or may not coat them with an extra polypropylene film.

You can use FIBCs to transport and store dry flow-able products, including granule materials and powders. It is easy to fill them through the top and it is easy to empty and discharge them through the bottom of the bag.

They are mostly used to store and transport large volumes of materials. The safe working loads of these containers range from 2,000 lbs to 4,000 lbs.

It is easy to customize them and make them in multiple sizes with varying discharge and filling options, food-grade BRC, various cubic foot capacities, and AIB certification and types A, B, C, and D bags. The bags are for electrostatic applications.

It is safe to use Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers to transport products since they are clean. 100% polypropylene is used to make these containers. You can recycle the containers or reuse them under certain conditions. You can only reuse the bags with a 6:1 safety factor. It is also easy to stack and ship FIBCs.

3 reasons to use FIBCs over Gaylord Boxes

  1. FIBCs are more economical

Here are the several ways you can save money by using bulk bags:

Increase efficiency – Using FIBCs can increase the speed of filling and emptying your products from the container. FIBCs offer various discharge options, so you do not have to manually remove the products and dump your products out of the container. One of the discharge options is using a spout, which is on the bottom of the container. It is easy to use the bottom spout to discharge the contents of the container.

Shipping Costs – If a logistic company ships your products to your facilities or customers, you may pay the company based on the weight of the products that you want to ship. Gaylord boxes use bulky materials, such as heavy wooden palters and thick ply corrugated pallets, so they can reduce the net weight. FIBCs are very light. Therefore, you can use Gaylord boxes to reduce the net weight of the products you are shipping.

Reusable and Recyclable – You can reuse and recycle the bags under certain conditions. However, it is highly recommended you reuse bags with a 6:1 safety factor.

  1. FIBCs Save Storage and/or Warehouse Space

The bags come 125 to 500 per pallet before you fill them. However, this depends on the size of the bag. You can fold or deconstruct most Gaylord boxes. However, they still need pallets. The pallets are not only bulky. They are also cumbersome.

The design of the bulk bags is to maintain their shape when filled. And you can stack the bags to save on storage and/or storage space.

Even though you can stack some Gaylord boxes, you cannot stack some of them. Therefore, you cannot save on storage and/or warehouse space using some Gaylord boxes.

  1. FIBCs Offer a Variety of Customizable Options

The manufacturer can manufacture custom bags to suit your application, equipment, and unique products. It is even cheap to get custom bags. In fact, custom bags can save you a lot of money.

The features of a custom bag include:

Type A, B, C, and D bags fabric, which are for static protection

Food grade AIB and BRC certification

Custom printing

Different bag colors

Spout top, duffle top, or full discharge bottom

Baffles or no baffles

With or without polyethylene liners

A wide range of cubic foot capacities

Safe working loads up to 5,000lbs

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