A Guide on How to Drink Your Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Single malt Scotch is a sign of elegance, flair, and sophistication. Scholars sip it beside cigars and a roaring fire while fine-suited gents order it at the bar. It’s a popular present, and thus no bar cart is finished without a few bottles. It’s almost as though individuals who don’t drink single malt Scotch are unsophisticated in certain ways, their palates not yet tuned in to the subtleties of this high-end drink.

Anyways, apart from how sophisticated and appreciated whiskey is, there is a certain way of drinking whiskey that is as elegant as single malt scotch whiskey itself. Let’s go through the right way to drink whiskey.

Start with a Scotch that hasn’t been peated

Though most whiskey connoisseurs consider peat – the strongly smokey flavor obtained by boiling wheat over a fire made of the grass substance of the same name – to be the distinguishing feature of Scotch, not all Scotch whisky is peated. Since the fragrance and flavor of peat might be too harsh first sticking a foot into the genre, unpeated or moderately peated Scotch whiskies are best for novices. Consider it like beer: it’s best to start with a lager rather than an extremely dual IPA.

Single malts from Speyside and the Lowlands are ideal

Scotch may be made in six different areas, each with its distinct type of whiskey. Some places, notably Skye and the Islands, are noted for salty, highly peated Single malt, which inexperienced Scotch consumers may find unpleasant.

Honey and vanilla aromas are commonly seen in Speyside whiskies. The Lowlands’ light, mellow whiskies are also acceptable choices. These are therefore more preferable to consume for learners.

Please have a good sense of smell when it comes to Scotch

One of the factors that make Scotch excellent is its scent diversity, but if you inhale inside the glass far too much, you’ll end up with a nose filled with liquor burn. Instead of whirling the glass or inhaling deeply, softly whiff it while holding the glass a thumb away from the nostrils.

If you’re experiencing troubles receiving any fragrances, cover the whole glass aperture with your palm to focus the scents in one spot, then withdraw the hand and softly inhale. The best single malt you can smell is the glen scotia 18.

Don’t be hesitant to dilute some water in your drink

A pipette of water with only a few ice cubes is typically provided with a tumbler of Whisky in a pub or bar. Do not even think of adding water to the glass as a huge blunder; most Scottish pubs put water jugs on the bar for just this reason, as it improves the Scotch’s flavor.

Water cajoles out scents and provides a finer taste, illustrating the difference between a pure, room temp single malt another with water added. Some famous whiskey masters prefer drinking their single malt scotch whiskey diluted with water for better aromas and taste.


Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a professional, it is very important to know how to drink whiskey exactly because only then will you enjoy it to the fullest. Above are some tips for enjoying whiskey the right way. We are sure you have already gotten your hands on your whiskey glasses and are planning a drink!

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