A Cluckingly Useful Guide on How to Choose the Best Chicken Feeders

Are you part of the 1% of US households that keep chickens in their backyard?

It’s a tough but rewarding lifestyle. You have birds that depend on you to keep them safe, fed, watered, clean, and warm. But in return, they provide you with delicious eggs with almost no carbon footprint.

So it’s only fair that you feed them well, too, by finding the best chicken feeders. Then you can be sure they’re getting enough feed and it isn’t going moldy or spilling all over their hut.

There’s so much choice it can get overwhelming, but this article will guide you through how to choose a chicken feeder so you pick the right one.

Hanging Chicken Feeders

A hanging chicken feeder is exactly as it sounds. It is a feeder you can hang from the top of your chickens’ hut so it is neck-height for your chickens.

The positives of this type of feeder are that your chickens will not knock it over by accident. And if you buy one made of stainless steel, it will be durable.

But many do not come with a lid, so vermin can access the feed, too. And they are unlikely to be available in large sizes so you have to top up the feed more often.

Ground Chicken Feeders

If you are looking at a ground chicken feeder, there are two main subtypes: gravity chicken feeders and troughs. Troughs are not a popular choice for larger hens. For chicks they are fine, but adult hens kick them over.

Ground feeders that refill from the top with an opening for the chickens to eat at the bottom are gravity feeders. A gravity chicken feeder is ideal for a small flock. If you buy one that you can mount to the wall, it is one of the best chicken feeders you can buy.

Treadle or Automatic Chicken Feeders

These are some of the most complex types of chicken feeders. Most of them are sheet metal boxes with a step that your chickens can step on to release the feed.

They are a fantastic choice if you have lots of chickens and other animals to manage. This means they are also sealed against vermin and most of them are weather-proof. But sometimes chickens can eat too much or decide against eating and leave the feed all over their hut.

How Many Chicken Feeders Do You Need?

The average chicken needs around 100 to 150g of chicken feed per day. So, unless you want to feed them more than once a day, you need one large enough to last a full day or longer.

But you don’t want them fighting for feed, so it might be better to get a few and position them around your hut.

Choosing the Best Chicken Feeders for Your Flock

The best chicken feeders for you will depend on how many chickens you have, how often you can feed them, and how often you can clean up their hut. But now you have all the information you need, you can make an in

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