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Billy Corgan is a famous American musician, songwriter, producer, poet, singer, guitarist, and professional; wrestling magnate. His real name is William Patrick but popular by his name Billy Corgan. William was born on 17th March 1967 in Illinois, US.

Billy has become an influential figure in the Alternative Rock scene. He started producing many hit music videos along with the band smashing pumpkins. Corgan also started a new band named Zwan and released a solo album, The Future Embrace, in 2005.

Get all about the Body Measurements of the Actor

Here are the body measurements of this beautiful actress:

Billy Corgan


  • Billy Corgan Weight: 84 Kg or (185 lbs)
  • Billy Corgan Height: 6 Feet and 3 Inches
  • Billy Corgan Shoe size: 11 US

Further critical details of the actor:

Billy Corgan

  • Billy Corgan Date of Birth: 17th March 1967
  • Billy Corgan Age: 54 years
  • Billy Corgan Nationality: American
  • Billy Corgan Eye color: Blue
  • Billy Corgan Hair color: Bald
  • Billy Corgan Horoscope: Pisces
  • Billy Corgan Spouse/Girlfriend: Chris Fabian ( Divorced)
  • Billy Corgan Net Worth: $50 million
    Billy Corgan
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