9 ways to style your summer dresses for parties

Summer is the season for fun and frolic. It is the time of the year when you gather your friends for a barbeque in the shed or head over for brunch on a Sunday afternoon. In all honesty, everyone has terribly missed the chance to get together with friends, family, and people in general.

2020 was spent in the throes of the pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns, 2021 is expected to become the year of celebration, fashion, and style.

And when you think of styling for summer, the classic silhouette of the ‘summer dress’ is the first thing that comes to mind.

This is the year of embracing the fashionista that breathes beneath your skin. Let’s usher in the warmer weather with the easiest style hacks. Are you ready to be Miranda Priestly?

1. Something White

Whether it’s Emily in Paris or a collection by Masaba Gupta, the white leather jacket is a perfect match for every summer dress. It is sophisticated and highly understated. For the days you want to look posh and well put together, then all you need is a floral summer dress and a white leather jacket.

Pop on some large hoop earrings and carry a Minaudiere in the same color. Lo and behold, your outfit for an office get-together is complete!

2. Choose a breezy, baggy dress

Do you have an old, summer dress in your wardrobe that has granny buttons from the neckline to the seam? If you have such a piece, then you are sitting on fashion’s black gold for the season.

A baggy, button-down summer dress can be used as a cape with a camisole and shorts to carry the Coachella vibe in the sunny season. Or you can even try to be brave and play seamstress. Cut the baggy dress across the knees and take a used razor to thread the bottom. Now, you have alternative styles for a single piece that can be worn to any casual gathering!

3.Shake it with a shirt

While layering shirts with dresses is typically a trend for fall, you can shake the norms and try it in summer!

Get a light, cotton shirt and wear it atop a short summer dress. You can tie it at the bust or even use a cropped tee shirt to add some stillness to your attire. Whether you’re meeting friends for a drink or going out to dinner on a Thursday night, this combination is equal parts of fun and creativity!

4. Belts for the rescue

If you are a little conscious about the silhouette of a summer dress or if you’ve been feeling a little edgy because of the extra quarantine pounds on your body, then belts can be your best friend.

Whether you cinch the waist or add them as an effortless piece to boost your style quotient, either way, belts are an awesome tool for covering up a bulge or two in the wrong spots. From cerulean blue to a sun sprite shade of yellow, the color must be in contrast with the summer dress.

You can carry a bucket bag with the outfit to look your best on your first date post-COVID vaccination!

5. Play with lace

Lace and summer go very well together. This is why you can easily play with some lace to efficiently style your summer dresses. From a cropped cape to a sheer dress, you can truly weave magic with lace in the sunny season.

You can style your funky or quirky bralettes with a lace or mess summer dress or even opt for a lace hair accessory to exemplify your look.  The goal here is to look alluring and elegant. And you can do both by being a little smart with the amount of lace you choose to wear at a garden party.

Remember, you don’t want to look like a curtain in your grandma’s library. So restricting lace to a single element would be the smartest move here!

6. Pair silk with the sunnies

Quizzing your sartorial expertise for an event in the afternoon? From meetups to luncheons, a silky summer dress is a perfect balance of chic and formal. You can pick a silk summer dress in a single shade of a bold color like red, violet, or even powder pink, add a pair of similarly tinted sunnies and you are all ready to go.

If you wear stiletto heels and a body-hugging dress, then you can have your own Kardashian-Jenner style for the day!

7. Go print-on-print

Print-on-print does not seem like conventional fashion advice but when you go for it, then you can see!

Summer dresses are mostly found in busy prints. From polka dots to retro flowers, a summer dress is most likely to look like a kaleidoscope. If that is the case, then you can easily play the prints up a little through your accessories.

You can pick a flowy scarf in silk or chiffon with a contrasting print to add a slightly traditional twist to your outfit. Doesn’t that sound good for a girls-day-out?

8. Let the bag talk

There are often times when the dress wanes in front of an accessory. So if your summer dress is not in the shade and shape of your satisfaction, then you can lift your spirits with a fancy handbag. A bright and dandy bag can truly add value to an entire outfit. This is the safest trick in the book!

9. Add a chunky pair of footwear

When nothing works, your chunky shoes can make all the difference to a plain-Jane summer dress. Wedges, boots, white sneakers, anything that is solid and strong can elevate your look for a party within a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

Styling summer dresses seem like all fun and games until everything starts looking the same. You can easily break the monotony of your summer dresses with these nine style hacks to have an easy-going and social summer in 2021.

Just remember to match a face mask with every outfit and you are all good to go!


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