9 Useful Ways To Optimize Your SEO


If you have been struggling to find the right SEO strategy, don’t fret. You are not alone. Its hard to find on the internet exactly what SEO is and how it works. Some people will say that all you need to do is build links or get followers on social media for your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, this isn’t true at all – many other factors go into ranking well organically in Google, such as keyword research and quality backlinks. The good news for those who want help with their SEO efforts? Here are the top ways you can start optimizing your site today.

White Label Link Services.

White labels are essentially pre-written blog posts created by experts such as white label links service providers who specialize in niche markets like yours. These articles have been optimized for search engines, so readers find them more efficiently through relevant searches.

They also offer an excellent way to beef up your website with blog post content quickly. They also allow you to get more backlinks easily because the content is pre-written.

Keyword Research.


Keyword research a critical first step in SEO. You need to know what people are typing into search engines when they’re looking for something like your product or service, so you know which keywords to target on your site.

You can use a keyword research tool to help you find out what people are looking for on Google and then formulate that into manageable keywords.

Quality Backlinks.

Link building in SEO

A link from another website that directs readers and visitors to a site you are promoting right now is what’s called a backlink. It’s crucial for SEO because it shows Google that there is interest in what you have to offer – not just by yourself, but also by others who want their followers/visitors to know about the goods they sell too.

Quality backlinks can come from social media shares and other sites linking to yours- whether white-labeled links or not.

Increase Your Social Media Marketing Efforts.

The top best social media analytics tools

Today, social media marketing has become one of the best ways to promote websites and engage with potential customers in real-time. This means campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., should be increased over time depending on what makes sense for your business model.

But remember: promotional tweets per day should also be limited because even if you have an unlimited budget like Nike does – Google doesn’t care how much money you spend on your campaigns.

Get A Quality Website Hosting Provider And WordPress Support Services. 

Suppose you want to rank higher in search engines. In that case, the hosting company and server must be high quality or at least work with those who provide them, such as Bluehost for website hosting providers or WP Engine for managed WordPress support services.

This means not using old software versions like PHP if they don’t offer newer ones or have poor customer service ratings because this can also slow download times and negatively affect rankings.

Write Unique Titles, Descriptions, and Content.

Google rewards unique content on websites. This means writing something that’s original – not copying and pasting someone else’s article or just rewording the same information in a different way.

Quality content is the backbone of any SEO strategy. That’s why it’s essential to create unique titles for your blog posts, descriptions that are appealing and interesting in various lengths, as well as an actual copy that’s high quality with no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Create A Google+ Page For Your Business And Participate Daily Too.

If you have a personal account, then it’s crucial to create one for your business and use that daily instead of only posting on LinkedIn or Twitter because Google does not index these.

However, this is where having quality content comes in handy, so people will want to share what they find with others who may be looking too – like how grocery stores put out samples for customers to try before buying. This can work really well with services too.

Track Your Results With The Google Search Console.

All of the efforts you put forth to try and rank better in Google search results won’t be successful without knowing what’s working or not. This is where using tools like Google Search Console comes into play.

It’ll help keep track of things by showing your rankings for various keyword phrases, how many visitors you are collecting, which pages need improvement, speed-related issues, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Design.

Google has now increased the importance of ranking higher in search engines for mobile devices as well.

If you want to rank higher in search engines, the website must have a mobile-friendly design.

This means not having too many columns and being able to scroll sideways with ease instead of vertical scrolling like on a computer screen because people are more likely to stop looking for answers if they can’t find them easily.


Any business that seeks to remain ahead of its competition should prioritize optimizing for search engines. Basics such as having quality content and ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly design is crucial.

Ultimately, SEO is an ongoing process that should always be thought of as something to work on continually. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth the investment for those who want higher rankings – so what are you waiting for?

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
Faheem is the lead editor for The Tiger News. Faheem Haydar is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and digital marketing expert who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development, e-commerce, content marketing, and more.

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