9 Reasons Why You Should Be a Netflix User


Netflix is a streaming service that makes award-winning TV episodes, movies, animation, documentaries, and more available on thousands of internet-connected platforms. Netflix was founded on August 29, 1997, and as of March 31, 2022, it had over 221.6 million worldwide customers.

Netflix can be viewed using a computer’s web browser or through software applications downloaded on smart TVs, smartphones, computers, laptops, and other devices. Netflix is among the primary streaming services in the world, with over 3,600 movies and 1,800 TV episodes available to users. You have many ways to own a free Netflix account. But this article will explain why you should be a Netflix user!

Offers Not Just Movies and TV Series

While Netflix is best known for its feature films and television episodes, it offers much more. You might be amazed at how much niche content is available on the site, and this material is what will keep you coming back to the service.

Netflix is recognized for its factual crime documentaries, which have become a fixture of the streaming service. Netflix often adds comedy specials to its library, whereas experimental reality shows often become viral sensations.

Can Allow Multiple Viewers

There’s a reason why so many people talk about sharing Netflix accounts. The service allows you to establish up to five separate profiles on a single account. Furthermore, the devices you can install and utilize the Netflix app are unrestricted. Instead, the only restriction is the number of screens on which you can watch Netflix simultaneously.

You can only stream solely on a single device at a time with the Basic Plan. A Standard or Premium subscription, on the other hand, allows you to watch on two or four different devices at the same time. Because Netflix uses your watching patterns to offer suggestions, creating separate profiles for yourself and your family is a good idea.

Has Lots of Original Content

In recent years, Netflix has shifted from licensed material to original programming. Netflix’s original TV series can be hit or miss at times. You get duds for every Narcos, Stranger Things, and Mindhunter.

Netflix’s original programming, on the other hand, has vastly improved over the years, with excellent documentaries, binge-worthy new series, and even horror films and science fiction shows. Furthermore, Netflix continuously invests extensively in original programming, increasing diversity and quality.


Netflix has been around for over two decades, first launched in 1997. Most other businesses would have stuffed advertisements through every corner and crevice they could find by this point. Some streaming platforms feature adverts that require you to pay more to remove them.

Netflix, though, is a different story. Unlike Hulu or YouTube, Netflix does not force you to watch 30 seconds of cringe-inducing commercials, and no ad breaks in the middle of a movie disturb the immersion and suspense. Simply entertainment on demand.

Easy to Search for Content

Netflix’s browsing tools and recommendation algorithm have never been very impressive. Nonetheless, the service has considerably improved these functions. You may now check the top 10 streaming content in your location as of 2020–a regularly updated list.

The service makes it easy to browse categories, with the site divided into several prominent areas that you may expand. Without leaving the Netflix homepage, you can mouse over shows to see trailers and enlarge the preview to receive more information.

Safest Way to Pull a Marathon

The COVID-19 outbreak abruptly altered our lives. People use the virtual world to communicate, connect, and entertain themselves. Television series, Kdrama programs, and Asian films now play an essential role in our lives. Knowing where you can view our favorite shows without going to the theaters is critical.

Of all that, Netflix is the correct answer! A low-cost streaming service that releases new content regularly and has an extensive library of the previous content is a great way to pass the time at home.

Offers Educational Content

The streaming service permits educators to show Netflix’s original documentaries to schools. In contrast, some studios and distributors demand schools purchase licenses to demonstrate the material to students.

While educators cannot stream family movies and tv series to children, documentaries provide valuable educational information without schools needing licenses. Additionally, as more students began to learn from home, Netflix made several of its documentaries available for free on YouTube. Netflix subscriptions help fund the production of academic material like this.

Has Films and Shows From Other Countries

Netflix has deviated from the usual Hollywood formula due to its lack of concern for box office receipts or prime-time ratings. It enables it to produce and distribute independent material created by producers outside Hollywood and the United States.

As a result, remarkable stories and voices have made their way onto the world stage. Roma was the first Mexican film to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2019. Meanwhile, Netflix’s original show Orange Is the New Black has indeed been nominated for and received many Emmy Awards for its diverse ensemble of female characters.

Accessible and Affordable

Of course, the last one will make you want more Netflix! While no free Netflix trial is available, the Netflix Basic plan is only $9 per month. Considering the number of existing content and Netflix’s constant release of new originals, you get a lot of scope for a low price.

The Standard plan is recommended if you wish to stream in HD simultaneously across two devices. It costs about $14 per month, less than some movie tickets, and gives you access to a whole library of high-resolution films to watch whenever you choose. Even the most expensive Premium plan, which costs roughly $16 per month, is reasonably priced, especially compared to rival streaming services’ starting prices. However, it is unlikely that the majority of users will require it.

In A Nutshell

Many streaming platforms are emerging nowadays. But Netflix could be one of a kind because of its simple but useful features. So what are you waiting for? Be a Netflix user now!

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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