8 Ways To Stay Engaged At Home

Chennai is a place known popularly for its culture and development. Maintaining the balance between the two the city has progressed every day and will continue to until it comes to the absolute top.

The city was developed under the plan of developing cities across India and Chennai was proudly one of the many and the place has grown and excelled consistently since then. The city has too much to offer and being there every day is a delight, giving us the opportunity to visit and explore something new.

From finding the perfect fort to spend the day and write a page in your diary, you can never be bored of the charismatic destination. Having said it all, doing any of it right now is not a possibility because of the current pandemic. And the weather makes it tough as well.

But this monotonous day can be made refreshing and filled with positivity only by taking a few small steps in the direction of self-love and peace.

In such testing times it is crucial to stay sane and patient and what’s written below will be what will take you some inches closer to achieve the serene.

Order a cake

Order cake delivery in Chennai by Bakingo and please yourself with a delicious treat any time of the day you like. It is a great love when you can order red velvet, chocolate, orange, mango, vanilla, black forest, chocolate truffle and so much more. You can choose an online portal that delivers during this time and keeps safety a priority. Get jar cakes for yourself if you are not in the mood for something big and costly.

Buy OTT subscriptions

To keep away from all the vibrations around you that resist you from keeping yourself engaged in a happy mood and activities, getting OTT subscriptions is the greatest idea. From Netflix to Amazon prime every portal has an amazing series to offer that you can easily get and spend some good time on.

Write or Vlog

Write your emotions every day and create a documentary of how you passed these testing times with courage and concentration. Even if it is not more than a page a day, but still lightens your mood, you should do it. Or you can do the easier thing and make a Vlog all while posting it on your social media as well.

Find a passion

During normal times our work lives have enough things to keep us engaged and we find absolutely no time for ourselves to concentrate on things that make us happy. If you like dancing, join sessions or sing like the good old days, make a painting on your wall or do something that interests you.

Find an internship

If you are a student and have been studying only, it will be fruitful if you find and apply for an internship. It should be in the field of interest that you think you like currently. It should be related to your education and your future admiration.

Help who you can

Sitting at home making a few calls and arrangements, contacting people online and through telephonic calls is the least you can do but it can still make a sizable difference in someone’s life. Invest some time every day to help people who need assistance regardless of your relationship. Try to be safe and indoors during it all.

Video chats

Talk to your people through video calls and make positive interactions. Remember to speak about healthy things and do pleasant talks that encourage and motivate. Speak about your daily lives and discuss what’s going on.


If you are home and can’t even order as frequently, you are stuck with cooking. The best thing to do in such a situation is to cook exotic dishes. You can turn to youtube and take tutorials, make something delicious and out of the box for yourself.

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