8 Some Lesser Known Facts about Computers You Must Know

Since decades, computers have become a new human in the modern digital era. From business to education, everywhere, this device has its influence. It made our lives easier and comfortable to live for a long time. However, in the lower classes, you might have read about ROM and other basic functional features of this device.

But have you ever read about some advanced functionalities that it performs? Very few of you may have gone through it. Do not worry if you haven’t read so far. We have brought this post for you readers. Below, we highlighted some essential facts that many of us are unaware of.

Unknown facts about computers

  1. Having a microprocessor

It is the microprocessor in the computer that carries out the calculation process. These microprocessors are installed in the CPU. In fact, not just computers, many electric appliances like washing machines, mobile phones, watches, and others run on the microprocessor. So, if we say that these devices are also a form of computer, it will make some sense.

  1. The first mouse was wooden.

Have you ever imagined the wooden mouse on the PC? Well, it was the actual truth. In 1964 when an engineer named Douglas Engelbart designed a wooden mouse that was slightly box-shaped with a bulk figure. However, that is the major question of whether it had the trackball or not!

  1. Every month so many of viruses

According to some technology reports and market experts, every month, 6000 computer viruses are created. This is a huge amount, and that is why technical experts suggest having an antivirus installed on the PC. Want to know one shocking fact? Almost 70% of virus developers are alleged to be associated with some organized crime sector. This seems very dangerous!

  1. Big brands started under a garage.

You might be fascinated to know that several major computer brands like HP, Apple or others started in a garage. Such a small start gave them good growth that made them famous worldwide. And today, most households use their products.

  1. Alphabetical order keyboards

Most of us are aware of the ‘QWERTY’ keypad. In earlier days, it was not the same. Because when the keyboard was invented, it had an alphabetical series order keyboard. But why it changed, because users were finding it very easy to type due to which computer hangs. To make this process complicated, the QWERTY keyboard was invented. However, today also, users are typing quickly!

  1. Expensive hard disk

Want to know what was the weight of the first 1st 1 GB hard disk weight and the price? Well, in 1980, it was introduced, which cost $40,000 and weighed 550 pounds. This is something very expensive than today’s workstation with good RAM.

  1. What is meant by the CAPTCHA?

The full form of the CAPTCHA is a Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Mostly, this test is used to detect whether humans or robots are operating the computer system. In short, a verification process. Today, it has become a common process in registration or signing in.

  1. Global IT spending

As of 2021, global IT spending is 4.2 trillion USD. This figure seems like a GDP of a few small nations. The major reason behind it is the growth of computers and their demand in every sector. From manufacturing to entertainment, everywhere it is used.

So, after knowing such astonishing facts, what is your opinion? Hopefully, you have liked this post and learned something new. Share amongst your social media group and spread awareness.

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