6 Ways to speed up recovery from a sports injury


After colliding with a sports injury, many patients are as eager to get back to moving just like after accident injury treatments.

But returning to their daily functioning requires proper treatment and rest. Just like after spinal cord injury treatment, patients need complete rest for about a month or two and in this treatment, it is also essential to take proper safety measures and to take good care of themselves.

No matter what sort of sports you play or at what level, injuries are an unpredictable and unfortunate part of such activities. One can never run from the pain that he faces during playing sports.

Attaining proper treatment and acquiring a focused plan of recovery is the best instrument that can bring back your happiness and make you return early back to sports.

In many cases, several sports injuries can easily be healed by doing some warm-ups, stretching, or implying consistent cardio before sports.

Soft tissues of our body that are stretched or warm up are far less likely to get damaged while playing.

Moreover, the sportsperson should adopt few precautions to stay distant from such injuries like they should create a fitness schedule that incorporates strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility. And then immediately relax or cool down appropriately after exertion in sports.

Learn the right methods for the game played. Rest firmly when you get tired. Keep yourself away from practice for some time to let your body heal properly. However, there are six most meaningful ways to speed up sports injury recovery.

RICE technique for injuries treatments: Rest, ice, compression, elevation

The mnemonic RICE which represents rest, ice, compression, and evaluation plays a vital role in treating the injury of acute soft tissue. To manage and control the underlying inflammation is the major goal of early RICE treatment and kick the recuperating cycle off ahead of schedule. As it has been noticed that sports injuries can cause severe swelling, redness, and warmth that outcomes in torment so it should be treated immediately before any other implication. Cold treatment (icing) reduces the pain while on the other wing, compression with a soft and delicate bandage prevents swelling. Hoisting the injury is harmful even up to the initial 40 – 70 hours just after the injury, as it diminishes swelling because of gravity.

REST:  when you coincide with any injury, you must immediately stop doing your work and try to rest as much as possible. Just like accident injury treatment, sports injury treatment also needs time and good rest to display a prosperous result in the end. Prevent yourself from lifting weight or else your injury will be affected. Take at least 20 to 45 hours’ rest. Resting also helps you to secure yourself from further bruises.

ICE: After having an injury try to apply an ice pack, wrapped in an absorbent, light towel, or cloth for at least 15 to 20 minutes every 3 to 4 hours for a minimum of 4 to 5 days until you feel a relief in the inflammatory area. The clod pressure is very helpful to reduce swelling and pain. In case you don’t have an ice pack then apply a bag of frozen corn or peas as an aiding tool.

COMPRESSION: Wrap an elastic bandage on the affected area to prevent swelling and further injury. the wrapping must be too tight, it should be snug to avoid interrupting blood flow. If the skin turns blue or feels cold, loosen up the bandage to avoid numbness or tingling.

ELEVATION: try to raise the affected part of the body over the level of your heart. This diminishes torment, swelling, and throbbing. A cushion can be utilized to accomplish height. The harmed region ought to be kept raised sooner rather than later.

Understand the injury through diagnosis

Minor injuries, tears, or sprains generally boost persistently within 2 weeks of rest and a mild vacation-type break from sports. An absence of progress should notify the meeting with the sports doctor. A complete clinical assessment and imaging tests, like scans or X-rays, will affirm the diagnosis and assist with rehabilitation strategy to empower a quicker recovery with restricted inconveniences. Understanding the idea of the injury additionally helps gigantically with the psychological arrangement during recovery.

Take proper healing of the injured body part

An injured part of your body will battle to recuperate in case if it is used repeatedly after an injury. just like after spinal cord injury treatment, sports injury treatment will also require your utmost attention and a high level of precautions for a speedy recovery. Pain is an astounding indicator of a continuous physical issue or injuries and ought not to be overlooked, regardless of whether that implies resting from day by day functional or useful sports or activities. To immobilize the injured part is usually the best option with a brace or splint and allows a complete rest.

Resume a pattern of proper Walk and muscle movements

A typical walking pattern implies that there is an ordinary weight pass on from the feet to the knee and then from the hip and back. An unusual walking pattern could be because of agony, muscle unevenness, or weakness and should be identified before getting back to sports. A time of rest generally causes muscle wasting. A critical part of muscle, strengthening is the training of resistance which further enhances reflex control, balance, and perseverance in the harmed tissues. This is regularly carried out alongside endurance and conditioning training to set up the injured part for a quicker return to sports.

Early mode of motion exercise

When the crucial part of inflammation settles down, the early movement of muscles and joints will automatically be restored at full range. The exercise plan is best applied under the complete supervision of a physiotherapist or a specialist who will certainly, help you to fasten up the recovery process and ensures the proper treatment plan and medication. This treatment is also very crucial and intense as like accident injury treatment.

Take Supplements and proper meals for faster recovery

There is an abundance of healthy food items and supplements that help body injury to heal much faster like:

Vitamin C:  Dark leafy greens and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which helps to produce collagen that contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as empowers and rebuilds tissues.

Protein-rich foods: The patient must intake fish or meat during the injury phase to boost the muscle-building process in the body.

Vitamin D or Calcium-rich food:  bone injuries like torment or fractures, in taking calcium foods like yogurt, cheese, milk soft boned fish, dark leafy greens and almonds are very essential; for the body. The body highly requires Vitamin D so the person should take Vitamin D supplements also to absorb calcium which can be availed through sunlight.

Omega -3 fatty acids:  doctors recommend these drugs after big treatments like spinal cord injury treatment as the patient’s body required a high level of strength for recovery. Similarly, after a sports injury, the person should take these supplements and other natural resources like sardines, salmon, walnuts, soybeans which prevent excessive inflammation and help to ensure a faster and better recovery.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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