6 Ways To Lower Your Cable Bills

Sometimes, it may feel like you’re paying way too much for your cable connection. This is because people often tend to go for the options which offer the most gimmicks out there. This results in a number of easily avoidable extra fees, installation charges, and taxes. You can resist all these costs if you only go for what you need. Most companies, such as Charter cable, also have plans where you can bundle your services or pay for a few months in advance. This way, you can save significantly in the long run.

Furthermore, you have to think hard about what channels and services you actually want to use. Then, you can pare them down to what you need and lower your cable bills by quite a lot. In addition, if you want to reduce your bills, you need to do your research about the various services offered in your area. This will help you get a general idea of what the average rates are and put you in a better position to negotiate with cable TV providers. However, you should start off with a few simple ways to decrease your cable bills.

Bundle Your Services

Most service providers offer bundled services which include cable, internet, and phone connections. You can get all three, or any two together to get overall lower rates on your bills. If you get each connection separately, there will be separate line rent charges, fees, and device charges.

However, if you utilize a bundle, you will get much better deals on all your connections. Ask your provider about their bundles, and choose the best one for you.

Get Rid Of Extra Boxes

If you have a cable box with every television in your house, you might be wasting a lot of money. Realistically, you won’t really use more than one TV at a time and do not really need a cable connection in all the bedrooms. In addition, with most sets being smart TVs these days, you can catch your shows on streaming services.

Keep the cable box in your living room to watch the news, sports, or another live programming. Get rid of the other cable tv boxes, and you will save quite significantly on connections, devices, and line charges.

Don’t Use Premium Plans

It might be hard, but you can eliminate the premium TV channels from your cable subscription. They often add as much as $20 extra per channel, and you won’t find yourself getting the proportionate value for money.

Therefore, you should unsubscribe from those premium channels. If you really need to watch a couple of shows on these channels, feel free to keep them but unsubscribe once the season is finished. This will help you access content without having to pay the extra fees throughout the year.

Eliminate The DVR

These days, you don’t really need to have your own DVR box. This is because most channels offer on-demand viewing on your cable connection itself. In addition, even if you don’t have access to on-demand shows, you can watch most content online. Almost every channel now offers online options as well.

Therefore, you don’t really need to have a separate system to record the shows you want to watch. Thus, you can easily get rid of your DVR box, and save a significant amount of money on that.

Negotiate Lower Rates

Cable providers work in a very competitive industry. This is why they are willing to negotiate rates if you bring up the subject. Just make sure you do your research and present your case in a convincing manner. You have to seem willing to switch providers if your current one does not negotiate with you.

Often, you can get decent discounts and promotions in this manner. You just have to keep an eye out, be firm in your resolve, and be able to communicate with your provider properly.

Change Your Provider

If all else fails, you should change your cable provider. Most of the time, other providers in your area will offer similar services at lower rates. Go for one of these, and make sure you get the best deal possible.

However, you need to do your research and ensure you’ll get proper customer service with your new provider.

Basically, there are a number of ways in which you can lower your cable TV bills. These methods are all quite simple and you just need to weigh their pros and cons to make your final decisions.

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