5 Ways to Ensure Your Food Stays Fresh

There’s no denying that buying a week’s worth of groceries comes with a heavy bill so throwing anything away can be frustrating. You’re not purposely trying to waste your money but somehow, you can’t stop your food from rotting. 

Knowing the right way to store your food will ensure that nothing goes off, especially in your fridge. In today’s article, we’ll be going through 5 ways to ensure your food stays fresh in your fridge or pantry. This includes using a heat sealer to reseal plastic bags, storing your fruit and vegetables separately and the benefits of air-tight containers. 

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1. Air-Tight Containers

It’s been proven that using an air-tight container can help keep your food fresher for longer. This is because it stops the humidity from getting to your food while keeping the moisture it needs sealed inside of the container. If you think this isn’t helpful, you’d be wrong. 

Food goes off quicker with constant temperature changes, especially if it adds moisture and then takes it away because this dries out the food. By stopping this process from happening, you can ensure that your food will last longer. Of course, you can’t expect your food to last longer than the expiration date, but you can preserve them for longer if you seal them correctly. 


2. Resealed Plastic Bags

We’ve all been there, dreaming of that crisp chip crunch to then only feel disappointed when you bite down on a stale chip. It’s off-putting but fortunately, completely avoidable. With the use of a heat sealing machine, you can seal any plastic bag in order to keep the product in question fresh. 

You don’t have to worry about finding another container to put your chips in as that would be a waste of space. Rather use a heat sealing machine or bags that reseal so you can lock in the crispiness of your chips and other types of food. 

If you think buying a heat sealer is pointless, think about how often you could use it because all packaging that you open can be resealed. 


3. Paper Bags

Most foods come in plastic bags. However, certain foods are kept longer and fresher when they’re in paper bags. Although a paper bag won’t do the same job as an air-tight container, it can still keep moisture away from your food. The bag acts as a sort of barrier which can help keep your food fresh. 

Foods such as mushrooms need to be sorted in a paper bag to retain its freshness. You can store other foods in paper bags instead of plastic bags to prevent them from growing mould. This can be a way to get the best of both worlds because you can cut down on using plastic while keeping your vegetables fresh. 


4. Store Vegetables Without Fruit

It’s said that storing your fruit in the same place as your vegetables can actually speed up the ripening process. You want to avoid this as much as possible as you’d only be doing yourself an injustice. Of course, there is a tip for storing apples with potatoes in order to keep your potatoes from sprouting but it’s an exception. 

This tip doesn’t apply with all of your fruit and vegetables so make sure you’re not storing all of your fruit with your vegetables. The same goes for where you store them in your fridge. If you’re storing any vegetables and fruit in your fridge, keep them in separate drawers. 


5. Store Certain Vegetables in Dark Places

When you’re thinking about storing your vegetables, it’s said that you should think about where it grows so you know how to store it. For example, potatoes grow under the ground which is why it’s suggested that you store potatoes in a dark, cool area. 

This tip can help you store your fruit and vegetables correctly which can also prevent them from rotting. Correct storage includes climate, humidity and light. All of these factors will help make sure you’re storing your food in the right places in your house. 


Final Thoughts

Going grocery shopping can be frustrating as well as disheartening due to how expensive food can actually be. So you want to make sure that the food you buy lasts longer so that you don’t waste money on your fresh produce. There is no point in buying something if you’re going to have to throw it away a week before you’re meant to use it for a dish. 

By knowing all the correct ways to go about storing your food, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve spent your money wisely. Buying fresh foods is always necessary so it’s not as if you can avoid it. Ensure you’re not throwing your money away and store all your fresh food the right way. 

Have that healthy meal you’ve been planning with the freshest vegetables! 

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