5 Tips for Keeping Up With Long-Distance Friends


Life takes you in different directions, and sometimes that means saying farewell to some of the closest, most amazing friends you’ve ever known. It’s a hard decision to move away and start something new, and you don’t want to lose the developed connection.

In today’s crazy, hectic world, finding time to maintain those relationships is hard. However, there are ways to do it. Find things that work well for you and improve your day or week. The following are tips for staying close even when you’re far apart.

Take an Annual Trip Together

Vacation as a group. This option gives you the good old-times feel, spending hours doing things you love together and making memories. You also benefit from hearing the stories of what is happening with each other in the new places.

Make it a girls’, couples or family trip, setting sail on cruises from San Francisco. Spend time together in cabins. Complete fun excursions together and spend the evenings enjoying some meals at the same table. You get a chance to talk, play and relax at once.

Embrace this as a yearly occurrence so you can look forward to it throughout the year. Even if you can’t talk weekly, you can anticipate the time together.

Video Chat

Technology is fantastic nowadays, and the pandemic has shown that devices and the internet can bring people together. Have a monthly or weekly chat set up through phones or tablets. Do you miss watching a show together? Do it! Do you want to enjoy some wine and share the latest stories? It’s possible. You can even use them for those much-needed venting sessions on bad days.

Text Pictures and Thoughts

As kids, you may have loved passing notes in class, trying to give your friends the heads up about the day. Texting lets you do the same thing without the teacher glaring at you. Did something funny happen? Share it.

Take a moment and send off an article or meme you know your friend would love. Pick up a conversation about the latest movie you saw or the person you ran into at the store. Sending these moments back and forth may feel like you are in the same room again.

Follow and Comment on Social Media

Social media can get a bad rep nowadays, but it is a fantastic tool for following others’ lives and showing how grateful you are to stay in touch. Don’t spend all day there. Instead, hop on now and then, checking out the posted pictures or comments. You get an excellent overview of what’s happening at the moment.

Do more than like the page. Instead of a thumbs up, drop a comment! Those are more personal and show your attention to the post.

Send a Random Thinking-of-You Gift

Good friends don’t have to see each other daily or even during the month. A special connection allows time to go by without creating awkwardness or silence. If you get busy and miss your friend, do something nice to say hi, or you’re thinking of them.

You could send a physical card in the mail. Those aren’t seen as often anymore, and those colorful envelopes and friendly cards say you took time to send a note and write it out. Order a special set of flowers or sweets, or try to find something fun and inventive that creates a long-distance memory. Whatever you choose, make it genuine and fit your friend’s interests and lifestyle. Don’t go overboard, either. It is the thought that counts.

You don’t have to disconnect or feel lost when friends move away. Strong friendships survive difficult times, time zones and new locations when you make the right efforts. Focus instead on finding ways to see each other or talk that fit your current lives. Make trips to see one another. Call or text when you can. Continue to show your interest and friendship in little ways.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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