5 Reasons Why Adventure Touring Is Something You Should Try


People worldwide indulge themselves in different types of adventure touring because various people like to experience multiple places. If you, for example, enjoy good food you might be prone to visiting Japan whereas those who want to see remnants of history may choose to visit Rome.

Whichever the case, people who like to take up adventure touring enjoy the good old adrenaline rush and want to push the limits of their tolerance for fear. Adventure touring is all about getting out of the comfort zone and experiencing new things.

We’ve composed a list of the top reasons why you should try adventure touring, even if you’ve been living on the safe side up to this moment. Other than that, we’ll list some of the benefits that come along with adventure touring as well as the essential gear you’ll need for it.

List of the top five reasons why adventure touring is something you should try!

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Besides the fact that you will get to use some pretty cool gear like 4k cameras, hammocks, and a ute tub rack, the top five reasons that will make you want to try adventure touring are:

You can learn new skills!

Snowboarding, skydiving, or canoeing will require a set of skills. If you are keen on experiencing these extreme sports in your adventure touring, you will learn a great collection of skills for each. Isn’t it great being a pro in an extreme sport?

It’s a great exercise!

When you decide to try adventure touring, you have to ensure that you are in good shape. Some adventure tours like rafting, for example, can be very demanding, and you have to be physically prepared. Keeping fit is the key to adventure touring and is suitable for your health.

You get to meet new cultures!

Whenever you travel to another country, other than seeing all the landmarks and landscape, climbing mountains, or trying new food, you get to experience their culture. Other than being joyful and exciting, getting introduced to new cultures broadens everybody’s horizons.

Nature is stress-free!

As working adults, all of us know what a strenuous week feels like. Getting away from it all and spending time in nature has a soothing effect. Some studies even found that negative emotions like fear and anger are minimized after spending time in nature.

Moreover, breathing fresh air and enjoying beautiful views can reduce blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, and normalize our heart rate. That’s why people who often feel stressed out should try adventure touring.

It improves reflectiveness – a crucial mental skill!

When people pursue adventure travel, they create pleasant memories. When times get hard, or we feel overwhelmed by our busy work schedules, we reminisce about them because they get stored in the forefront of our brain.

Or adventure travels, therefore, somewhat “marinate” for a little while in our minds making reminiscence a great exercise for the human brain. Other events we witness during the rush hour of our business lives pass in a flash, and we forget them instantly since we don’t attach any meaning.

Adventure travels and adventure memories, on the other hand, get the relieved time and time again through memory which gives us a chance to learn valuable things from them.

The benefits of adventure touring

benefits of adventure touring

Benefits of adventure touring you should be aware of are:

  • Adventure touring improves physical health – yes, we get dirty on such adventures, but you should know that being obsessed with cleanliness can lead to numerous allergies. If you get dirty from time to time, it can be healthy;
  • Age is irrelevant – you don’t have to be young to take up adventure touring. Some extreme sports and adventures are for the younger, but seniors can also take up hiking and visit great parts of other countries to meet their cultures;
  • Adventures improve your self-esteem – pushing the limits is always a crucial step to making your self-esteem grow. Once you realize that you can learn how to snowboard and that you can climb that mountain, you’ll feel more confident;

The gear you need for adventure touring

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Some inevitable gear for adventure touring includes:

  1. Hammock;
  2. Ute tub rack;
  3. Waterproof backpack;
  4. A 4k camera;
  5. Tent;
  6. Wood-burning stove;
  7. Water-repellent jacket;
  8. Impenetrable shoes;
  9. Small Generator

A portable Generator could be optional but it can be really useful too.


We hope this article finds you well. It’s essential to know all the beneficial traits of adventure touring, which we’ve described in great detail, to pat yourself on the back and try it out. Even if you’re a newbie, bear in mind that nobody was born ready.

In life, you can choose to stay at home, in your hometown, and create a bubble around you where, as they say, everybody knows your name. Yes, you will feel comfortable, but every day will essentially be the same. If you choose to get out of your comfort zone and go and explore the world by creating an adventure for yourself, you will not regret it.

And, like with everything else in life, you should be smart and safe. Good luck!

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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