5 Creative Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner in Your Life

Some of the more pleasing moments in life are when the people we love take steps to lead better, enriching lives — and that includes becoming new homeowners.

Of course, while moving can be rather tedious for just about anyone, it’s often the duty of family and friends to help the new homeowners in our lives get settled in as quickly as possible. And one of the best ways to do this is with gifts.

Giving thoughtful housewarming gifts helps make any new house start feeling like home sooner rather than later. And while it might make sense to buy or donate items typically found on wedding registries, there are way more creative gift ideas that will help your loved ones get comfortable in their new home.

Then again, choosing a gift that’s both creative and thoughtful can be tricky. Here are a handful of ideas for those looking for new ideas and inspiration.

1. New Artwork

Let’s start with a classic. Art pieces are time-honored, decorative components of homes, and the wide variety of art prints for sale makes it easy to customize pieces to fit any home’s décor. From different art styles and designs, you can gift someone canvas prints, picture frames, even framed poetry. Plus, most art is customizable, so you can go further and create a customized piece to send as a gift for your loved ones to decorate their new home. A painting of their new home would do very nicely.

2. Toolkits

A toolkit is an invaluable asset for any new home and something essential that’s almost always overlooked by both new homeowners and people sending gifts. Of course, the owners will want to make small or large adjustments to their home and also need to move furniture and assemble electronics. Having a complete, trusty toolset on hand for both furniture adjustments and electronic fittings will make settling in a lot easier.

3. DIY Items

Giving DIY items as a gift allows you to give someone two things: first, the actual item itself and then the chance to customize it. DIY items often have multiple purposes, like a cheese board that can transform into a stacked wheel with extra storage for knives. DIY items might sound cumbersome and stressful to put together, but they actually give the new homeowners something to do other than just unpacking and trying to decide where the sofa should go.

4. Complementary Décor

When it comes to decorating, art pieces aren’t the only form of gifts you can present to the new homeowners in your life. You can also send complimentary décor pieces like flower vases, candle holders, or even exotic items like seashells and paperweights, a decorative globe, or even a map. All these décor pieces add a little touch that helps turn a house into a home.

5. Plants

You can also help your loved ones become green thumbs by sending over plant cuttings to help make their home more beautiful while contributing positively to the environment. It’s advisable to send succulents (like aloe vera) in case the homeowners won’t be able to keep a proper eye on the plants.

Help Make a New House Become a Home

Moving into a new home is as much of a celebration for the new homeowners as it is for their loved ones. And sending gifts allows you to celebrate with them while also helping them get settled faster. Pick out any of these creative gift ideas and put a smile on the face of that new homeowner in your life.

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