4 types of frequent partnerships with Instagram micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are characterized by a number of followers, most often between 1,000 and 10,000. They are becoming increasingly popular with brands due to the ever-increasing financial demands of Instagram superstars. These people often have more than one string to their bow. Indeed, with such a large number of followers, it is rare for these influencers to make a living from their blog or social networks. They are seen as people who animate their community with pleasure and passion.

Consequently, their words are perceived as particularly sincere and authentic. So, what type of partnership to offer them? How to convince them to work with your products? Here are four campaigns conducted with micro-influencers from which you can draw inspiration!

 An exclusive reduction for their community


We are seeing more and more Instagram posts flourish with a promotion line at the end of the caption – 10% on the So-and-so site with the code XY. “XY” often corresponds to the name of the influencer, in order to trace sales from this specific account.

This method is used in particular by the Panda Tea brand, which has offered the services of several micro-influencers to boost sales in its online store.

The advantages of this type of partnership:

  • Low set-up cost
  • Great potential for return on investment
  • Create a real promotion campaign with a tempting call-to-action – 10% reduction

Win a voucher

Another method of “activating” micro-influencers is to offer them a contest, in the end, a voucher to be won by one or more of their followers. This technique allows you to broaden your audience quite easily (the competitions attract people!). And it is easy to set up for both partners.

In addition, a contest will necessarily boost engagement (Instagram followers, likes, shares, and comments) on the influencer’s account. It is, therefore, rare that he refuses (unless the product does not suit him, of course). Popcarte, a company that creates personalized cards and announcements, has launched a large-scale campaign with several micro-influencers. They were able to test the service, and then offer their followers to win a voucher of $ 54 on the site.

The advantages of this type of partnership:

  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Controlled cost: the brand chooses the amount of the voucher

The product test

Simple, efficient, and quick to set up, this type of partnership consists of sending your products to micro-influencers, in exchange for an article on their blog and/or a publication on social networks. The goal is that they present your brand, give their opinion, and recommend your articles. However, you cannot force your partners to write positive text. They are free to like or dislike your product.

Carefully select your micro-influencers to be sure the product being sent will suit them. If you have multiple items or services, ask them to choose the one they want to test. You increase your chances of having a positive publication!

The advantages of this type of partnership:

  • A controlled budget
  • Gain visibility with a targeted community
  • Easy promotion of a novelty or seasonal range

 Highlighting a branded hashtag

Do you want to promote a hashtag related to your brand, to boost your visibility and encourage your customers to use it in their posts? Launching a micro-influencer campaign can help get your hashtag off the ground faster.

The advantages of this type of partnership:

  • Long-term natural benefits
  • A controlled budget (but sometimes high, because you have to find many micro-influencers)
  • Gain visibility with a targeted community

One of these four campaigns necessarily corresponds to your activity! However, you do not have to choose only one type of partnership; you can have medium and long term collaborations. The best is to chat with the selected micro-influencers and find a win-win partnership.

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