4 Games You Didn’t Know You Could Play Online


The online games space has simply exploded and there are now more games that you can play online than ever before. Furthermore, the smartphone now allows for so many more games to be played online and on the move than ever before. This article looks at 4 types of games that you may not have known you can play online and mobile at that!

Word games and brain teasers… all levels and languages

The word game has gone from strength to strength and as such there are now so many word games available to be played online that you will run out of words before you do games. From Scrabble with others to Wordle alone, they’re all now an online staple. The number of downloads for word games has been up over 7% for over a year and from the emerging markets of Asia and eastern Europe to the colossus that is the US, word games are a huge online genre that more people play now than ever before.

Poker… all types and forms

Regardless of the type of poker that you enjoy playing, be it 3 cards, 5 card stud, American you can now play it quite easily online. The number of specific tournaments and even professional players has simply increased online as the number of places and options to play have also increased. Top online casinos must have all the poker offerings to attract players and places like mbitcasino.io will furthermore allow you to play with Bitcoin and live dealer formats will allow you to interact with the other players and the dealer and enjoy the cards like never before.

Individually designed/bespoke adventure and fantasy games

Games wherein the player or gamer is able to choose the next level or the next path on their own specific adventure. Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow for adventure and fantasy games to become personalized and individual to the specific player. You may be playing the same game as a friend but based on the individual choices made in the game, it will be an entirely different gaming experience. You may not have known, but essentially, you’re playing your very own bespoke game.


Most of the sports that you enjoy watching will now have a fantasy league online, or in fact you can follow and play an e-sport. So, from setting up a virtual team in a fantasy league and following them every week or actually playing an EA sport like FIFA or Madden 22 will allow you to play the sport you love and engage with others who do too. Then there is also the ability to play some actual sport online in the format of the Wii or now more popularly, the Nintendo switch sports, games that require you to move and physically engage.

You will be amazed at the wide variety and range of games that can be played online, either with others or in solitary. The online space is changing and becoming a great deal more interactive than ever before, thus opening up the range and type of games that can now be played in this space.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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