4 Essential Writing Tools Perfect for Researchers and Scholars


If you are not a writer, you probably know what a hassle it can be to get any writing done, even if you are at home or the workplace. Writing software can help you out immensely. It is like having your virtual assistant. Some writers are geniuses and can type an entire paper while they sit in front of their computers. However, most writers are not this creative and need good writing software to get their work done.

If there is one skill that can be improved, it is writing. Yes, anyone can be a better writer. Writing is an essential step in expressing thoughts and ideas and creating something new. Writing can help you deal with wandering thoughts, reduce stress, and better organize your thoughts. But most people find writing overwhelming. Gone are the days of sitting at a typewriter waiting for inspiration in a busy world. With the following tools, you can do your research and write more efficiently.

1. GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a free, easy-to-use PDF converter available both for Windows, MAC, and Linux. The GogoPDF site offers everything an individual or business would want out of an efficient PDF conversion tool: speed, quality, and value. Conveniently transforming PDF files to different formats, GogoPDF delivers excellent results and can help you save time and money. Aside from conversions, you can use GogoPDF to unlock PDF files. This is useful if you’re a researcher and you need to open a locked PDF with the information you might need.

With GogoPDF, you can convert PDF  documents into other commonly-used document formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. With just a couple of taps, your document will be ready for download.

2. Yoast SEO

When you write for the general public, you need to make your content visible to search engines. This is where SEO comes in. But SEO can be confusing specifically since Google is changing its SEO practices to deliver better search results. If you are looking to increase the visibility of your content with SEO, Yoast is a great highlighting tool.

This plugin has over 3 million users worldwide and is one of the most trusted SEO plugins. Yoast SEO provides many features that enhance your content and make it search engine friendly. Features like keywords, meta descriptions, rich snippets, and XML sitemap add-ons can help you optimize your content and improve your chances to appear on the first page of Google.

Yoast SEO is an excellent WordPress plug-in that improves your website’s ranking on search engines; by helping you get rid of any off-page factors that can hurt your rankings. Much of Yoast SEO is automated; however, some hard work and your input are required. If you’re familiar with search engine optimization in general, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you’re new to SEO, it can be very daunting and even frustrating, particularly if you have no idea what you are doing.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free cloud-based word processor that checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, and relevance in real-time. It uses AI to quickly identify and find an appropriate replacement for each grammatical error it detects. You can also edit your document in different text editor software such as Microsoft Word or google docs.

Grammarly also provides you several other features that make it useful as a proofreading tool. The software includes a grammar checker, an outline word replacement generator, and a full-fledged proofreading tool. Unlike many other tools, Grammarly works with word usage and suggests alternative words or terms in place of the one you are removing. This feature saves you both time and energy as you do not have to rewrite your document to change a grammar mistake. Besides this, the user has the option to discard any unnecessary words and phrases.

The most significant advantage of Grammarly over other similar programs is that it allows you to run both sides editing and simultaneously proofread your document conveniently.

4. Coschedule

A catchy headline can grab the attention of your instructor or examiner. If you’re a blogger, marketer, or copywriter, you know how important it is to write compelling headlines. Headlines are your first exposure to the world of content and the main reason people choose to consume your content, making them an integral part of the content creation process.

With Coschedule, you can create headlines that lead to more sales and increase search results. This tool analyzes the general structure, grammar, length, keyword density, and headline readability.


Writers need words to express themselves. If you’re writing in any capacity, may it be for personal or public purposes, you would need one or more of these tools to help you come up with the best results.

Writing is a hobby that needs to be enjoyed, so try your best to make the process easier.  When you are starting, a good writer needs all the help he or she can get, and sometimes that help comes in the form of an excellent online tool.

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