3 Safety Tips For Visiting A Loved One In An Assisted Living Home

With the holidays around the corner and some restrictions regarding the global pandemic starting to relax, you may finally be able to physically visit your loved one who has been living in an assisted living home. But just because this may be a possibility for you doesn’t mean that you should take any unnecessary risks when getting together with your elderly loved one. So before you make the trip, here are three safety tips for visiting a loved one in an assisted living home this holiday season.

Make Sure You’re Healthy Before You Go

The last thing you want to have happen is for you to give your elderly loved one any kind of sickness that could be harmful to them, be it COVID-19 or anything else. So before you actually go to see your loved one, it’s wise to make sure that you and anyone coming with you is healthy.

If it makes you feel better, or if it’s required by the facility in which your loved one is living, you may want to get a negative COVID-19 test before you go to the facility. Otherwise, you should try not to visit if you have any kind of symptoms related to any kind of illness. This will give you the best chance of not passing anything onto your loved one or others living in their facility.

Consider Doing Outdoor Visits

If you live in an area that has decent weather during the winter months, you might want to consider doing an outdoor visit with your loved one rather than seeing them inside of the assisted living facility they now call home.

With the increased ventilation of being outdoors, both you and your loved one will have less to worry about when being in close proximity to one another. So if there’s a patio or other area outside around the assisted living facility that you could meet in, this might be the best option.

Practice Good Hygiene And Etiquette

When you are inside the assisted living facility or close to your elderly loved one, you’re going to want to be sure that you’re practicing good hygiene and etiquette to keep your germs to yourself.

To do this, make sure you wash your hands before touching your loved one, wear a mask if necessary, and properly cover your mouth if you need to cough or sneeze. All of these things will help to reduce the spread of germs and keep everyone safe and healthy after your visit is over.

If you’re going to be visiting an elderly loved one in an assisted living facility soon to celebrate the upcoming holidays, consider using the tips mentioned above to keep yourself and all others safe and healthy.

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