3 Business Operations and the Software That Can Improve Them


Technology makes the world go around. We can’t survive without it, and nowhere is this seen more than in the symbiotic relationship between businesses and technological advances. Without the assistance of such innovations, many companies will fail.

There are a wide variety of business operations that have utilized such software developments. They’ve even been improved by properly applying such technology to their business models. We’ll focus on three business operations and the software that they’ve used to survive.

1. Call Center

Call Center

Contact centers or call centers are a major component of many business operations across the United States and the world. These contact centers are the first places that people will reach when they contact a company. The hope is that in addition to receiving great customer service, a customer’s experience with navigating the cloud contact center will be a seamless one. One of the ways that this will occur is by having the best cloud call center solutions on hand.

For instance, through an intelligent routing system that can get your customer anywhere in your global directory, your customer’s wait time is lessened. With call center software like Bright Pattern, a small or mid-sized business will be able to provide a solid customer service experience to callers.

There are a variety of great functions that come with this cloud contact center experience. These include increased scalability for incoming phone calls, intelligent IVR across the virtual call centers, an omnichannel agent desktop, and built-in quality management. For example, the omnichannel platform of such call center systems allows a customer service representative to connect with customers through many different channels. These include phone calls, video calls, SMS, text messaging, live chats, and social media.

Giving a customer a variety of digital channels to choose from helps to provide them with a great customer experience. This contact center solution also increases agent productivity, breaking up the monotony of simply picking up phone call after phone call. Call center software is a piece of software that can help to improve call center operations across the United States.

2. Independent Book Stores

One of our favorite relaxing activities is reading a good book. Over the past few years with the growth of online retailers such as Amazon.com, many large brick and mortar bookstores have closed. While these stores continue to struggle to survive, independent bookstores are experiencing a resurgence of sorts. To maintain the scalability that comes with this continued success, it helps to have a way to find new customers. Sure, you can do this, by providing a great customer experience for visitors to your store. But another way you can do this is through digital marketing.

As an independent bookstore owner, you’ve made it your personal mission to provide your customers with the best offerings around. To find those customers, you’re going to have to locate them through various means. One way that you can do this is through online portals or specifically social media. This can include investing in the services of an internet marketing firm such as Ascenial.

These companies make it their personal mission to raise your brand across digital highways everywhere. This might mean utilizing paid ads on social media forums. Working with such companies to maximize the potential of Facebook ads, or Instagram paid posts can help to raise awareness about your bookstore. By using the right tools, you can raise the digital profile of your bookstore for prospective customers to see.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing


One of the best tools that a freelance writer can include in their arsenal is Google Workspace. Though you might have many years experience with utilizing software such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs provides you with a similar and cheaper alternative. With Google Workspace a freelance writer has access to many free alternatives to Microsoft Office. This includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Meet, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Chat, and Google Sheets.

The profitability of using such documents is indispensable for a freelance writer, where costs for everything must be taken into consideration. The Google Workspace software is a great resource for freelance writers and can help them in the long run.

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