10 Best Hikes in the United States

There is no country as diverse and vast as the United States of America. That is one of the things that make it very special. In the US, there are several great hikes you should consider giving a shot. It has great rolling plains and rugged shorelines. Would you like to discover the ten best hikes in the United States? We have mentioned some of them below.

  1. Shenandoah National Park

For the best hike in the US, you should consider giving Shenandoah National Park a shot. This is a simple hike that you can easily complete in the morning, even if you have a tight schedule. The great thing is that it will get you to the park’s highest summit.


    2. Bryce Canyon National Park

This is an under two miles roundtrip located in Utah. You can complete this easy walk in the nick of time. It is a hike that is perfect for a small family. You will be exploring the beautiful desert scenery. Bryce Canyon National Park is the best option if you prefer a desert climate.


   3. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in Montana. This glacier national park provides the best destination to many tourists from across the globe. You need to try the continental divide and you will have a spectacular experience. Consider commencing from Logan Pass and moving to the Granite Park Chalet.


   4. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is located in California. You need to come here and experience the Mist Trail, which is one of the best hikes in the US. Amid the hike, you will get the chance to experience the towering ancient. Vernal and Nevada falls are amazing to see, so be sure to try the hike.


   5. Grand Tetons National Park

This hike is for seasoned hikers as it spans around fourteen miles. So be ready for some long walk packed with gorgeous landmarks. The length indicates that you should go well prepared, but the hike is worth your time and energy. Amid the hike, you will experience and see some of the best spots in the national park.


   6. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It is true, there are smoky mountains in the US, and you should go experience them. If you are someone who doesn’t hike that much, you will find Porter’s Creek quite challenging. It is a hike that spans four miles, and if you are a beginner, have someone to accompany you. You will see many landmarks throughout the hike.


   7. Black Waterfalls Hiking

Have you ever been to black waterfalls in the US? You are supposed to come and have a feel of this place together with your loved ones. Blackwater falls hiking won’t take very long and is worth your time and effort. The black waterfalls attract some of the most experienced hikers globally, so come join them in this adventure.


   8. Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located in Utah and is not a very lengthy one. The five-mile hike is quite dramatic. You will get to see the impressive rock formation that spans 1,500 feet. You should go there and try the view from Angel’s landing. It provides a unique way to see everything, Zion National Park.


   9. Acadia National Park

If you have ever been to the North Atlantic, then you know that Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain in that area. It is the best place to hike with your friends and loved ones. Once you get into the hiking mood, try to go up the Cadillac Mountain and take in the soothing atmosphere.


   10. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is unique in every sense of the word. But it is one of the easiest hikes in the US since it is not very long. Since it is the largest hot spring in the United States, you need to go experience it today. Look at the right-hand side of the walk and inhale the views.


Closing Thoughts

The US is one of the most blessed countries in the world when it comes to hikes. Therefore, when you get there, you will be spoilt for choice. If you would like to have a memorable experience, be sure to try the few hikes listed in this guide. 


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