Whether you are walking to class, driving to work or even taking a shower, most people these days do so while listening to their favorite music through a pair of earphones (or airpods for those higher-level beings). Despite differences in music genre or even streaming platforms, we all come to points in our lives where we have listened to “Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande one too many times (or maybe that’s just me). That’s right, the music rut can be one of the most frustrating things besides having Monday exams. While most people would just power through the rut to find their next song, I’ve found an amazing alternative to fill the time. This new-found remedy, my friends, is podcasts.

According to Merriam Webster, a podcast is “a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.” While they have been around for a while, in recent years, podcasts have been a huge hit on streaming platforms like The Podcast App or even Spotify. These podcasts can cover a huge range of topics including health and fitness, humor, true crime stories and even conspiracy theories. No matter the topic, they are the perfect time-filler for long car rides and hours of studying when you might get tired of listening to music. And as a self-proclaimed, seasoned expert on podcasts, I have decided that it is time to highlight my top podcasts for you to check out.

“Stuff You Should Know”- iHeartRadio and HowStuffWorks


If you’re getting ready to go on a really long car ride, setting up for hours of studying or even just wanting to learn something new and random while on a run, this is the best podcast for you. I have spent hours learning about a wide variety of topics from Josh Clark and Charles Bryant. They have been recording for years and have covered many topics from history and events to companies, drugs and everything in between. So if you want to become that person who is able to amaze your friends by answering a random question on Jeopardy, check out this treasure trove of nearly useless and random information.

“VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash”- David Dobrik and Jason Nash


Whether or not you have watched their vlogs on Youtube (which I highly recommend), this is a great podcast when you need something to laugh at. Not only does David and Jason’s banter make you feel like you’re in a conversation with your friends, but you get a little insight on the cool and crazy world of Youtube, pranks and LA.

“The Health Code”- The Health Code


I recently started listening to “The Health Code” when I wanted to learn a little more about living with a healthier lifestyle. Sarah and her boyfriend Kurt cover so many health related topics from workouts to healthy eating, skin care and even career and every day goals. What makes this stand out from other health and fitness podcasts is how relaxed they make it seem. Lessons are made to be realistic and inclusive to a college lifestyle. They aren't just listing straight facts, they are including anecdotes and other options that they have learned from personal experience. And I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be motivated by two very Australian voices telling you to get out of the library or off the couch to put in a quick and easy workout.

“And That’s Why We Drink”- And That’s Why We Drink and AudioBoom


This podcast is great if you love to hear ghost and true crime murder stories. Other than “Stuff You Should Know,” this is my go-to podcast for work and long car rides. Each episode begins with Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz telling one paranormal story and one true crime story, all based off of real-life events. Whether you believe them or not, they will leave you laughing at one moment and shivering in fear at the next. Not only are they funny hosts, they are even better storytellers, and you will quickly become obsessed with these wine-loving friends. Interested? Go and listen for yourself to see why they drink.

“StarTalk Radio”- Neil deGrasse Tyson


I am not going to lie to you guys, I literally found this podcast yesterday, and it has been one of the funniest and best finds of my life. Who wouldn’t want to have Neil frickin/ deGrasse frickin’ Tyson explaining scientific and space-related concepts. If you enjoyed his show “Cosmos,” you will really love this podcast.

That’s it for me, everyone. Hopefully one of these caught your interest. Feel free to check out any of the podcasts I wrote about here. Let us know what you thought or any other podcasts you think we should know about.

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