The end is near! With only four weeks left of the semester, it can be hard to find the motivation to finish strong. Check out some of these tips for ending the semester on a high note.

1. Stick to a plan

Carve out times for studying and plan your day accordingly.

2. Make note of exam times and upcoming due dates

Stay on top of deadlines so that you don’t have to move into the library for days at a time.

3. Don’t cram

Unless this absolutely always works for you…just don’t. Spreading out your studying will save you stress and tears later (trust me).

4. Take care of yourself

Eat, sleep, exercise and be well. This is not the time you want to get sick!

5. Find a study buddy

It can be super helpful to have a friend to hold you accountable and have someone to help you stake out a spot in the library. Even if you’re not studying the same thing, I find studying in the presence of a friend to be more enjoyable, and it makes the time go by quicker.

6. Stay positive

Don’t focus on the negative because then you may overthink yourself into doing poorly. You’ve got this.

7. Find your best study method

While cramming may work sometimes for some people, it’s probably not your best study method. Whether you like to rewrite notes, make flashcards, read the textbook or make a study guide—find the method that works best for you.

8. Make time for fun

Don’t forget to hang out with friends and enjoy the final few weeks of the semester.

9. Relax!!!

It’s not the end of the world! We’re almost there!

10. Don’t wish it away

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, one of these days you’ll be receiving your diploma from Clemson University and you’ll reminisce about these days. Don’t wish the time away, and enjoy each moment.

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