New semester, new me – right? Maybe, not really. Wherever you stand, it’s likely that you’re hopeful of doing well this semester. However, it can be easy to fall into old, bad habits and not stay as motivated as you planned. Here are some tips for staying on top of things in the semester.

1. Use some type of planner

Make note early of exams and due dates. It may sound obvious, but I’m sure we’ve all learned of an assignment and thought it seemed eons away, but then ended up scrambling to complete it.

2. Make a friend in each class

New friends are always good! Plus, it can be really helpful to have friends in classes when you have questions or need a study buddy.

3. Get a routine

This goes with using a planner. It can be easy to let time slip away from you, so it can be helpful to designate certain times or days of the week for specific assignments.

4. Actually do the reading

I know – easier said than done. However, this really is important and can make or break it in some classes,especially discussion-based ones. Try spacing out your reading or even listening to audiobooks to change it up and get things done.

5. Don’t slack on your personal health

SLEEP!! If you ever have to pull an all-nighter, try to allot yourself time to catch up on rest the following day. Personal health also means making sure you incorporate healthy foods into your diet and getting some exercise. I am not saying you have to make revolutionary changes, just make sure you take care of yourself. Lastly, don’t neglect your mental health and make sure to take time to do things you find relaxing and spend time with friends.

6. Get help as soon as you need it

Don’t wait till the day before a test to learn three weeks of material. Whether this means going to your professor’s office hours, the Academic Success Center, PAL sessions, etc. – reach out when you need help!

7. Do the extra credit

And do it early! Some professors let you know of many or even all of the extra credit opportunities very early on in the semester. Take advantage of these at the beginning so that you aren’t scrambling at the end of the semester. This will take stress off you AND make you look like the together, studious human you are.

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