As finals season is about to be in full swing, Cooper is becoming overcrowded with anxious

college students. The library is only so big, leaving even more students

wandering around campus looking for somewhere else to study. In any case,

the stress of finding a good study spot does not help the ever-present stress of being a

college student. To ease the process, check out this list of study spots you may be forgetting

about on campus and downtown.

Holtzendorf Hall

This might be my favorite because I have never had any trouble finding a table, and it’s super close to downtown if you need a snack break!

Academic Success Center

This place is super close to the library, which is particularly convenient on days you go to the library and can’t find a seat. The Academic Success Center also has lots of tables on various floors and big comfy booths if you need something with a little more give than a chair.

Outside tables around the Douthit Hills Hub

While the Douthit Hills Starbucks is a more obvious destination, the tables outside make a great study spot on a nice day.

Outsides tables around Hendrix (or inside)

There are also many tables surrounding Hendrix—my favorites being near the side of the building outside the ’55 Exchange. Personally, I feel like Hendrix has gotten less busy with the addition of Douthit, so maybe you can find a good spot inside if you so desire.

Sirrine Hall

I have only been in this building maybe three times, but there are lots of good study tables!

All-In Coffee Shop

A lot of people study here, but I had to include it because I just really jive with the vibe in there. Plus, if you get there early (they open at 7:30 am), you’ll get the perfect seat!

Spill the Beans

Again, lots of people study here, but many may forget about it more than you think. Plus, who doesn’t want an ice cream snack break?

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